Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The many faces of Yolie

What I love about my middle daughter is... well... everything.
She is a mysterious creature full of wonderment.
She has one of the most gentle spirits I know.
She's organized, funny and lovingly protective of both her sisters.

Yolanta is also tall and very athletic. Seeing as how she did not get the privilege of organized sports or athletic classes or P.E. in Haiti, coupled with growing several inches in a short amount of time when she came to America (oooh what a healthy diet will do for a body!) she is still growing into her long limbs. One thing's for sure, though, she's Sporty Spice through and through.

Instead of a video (like I did for both her sisters in the previous two posts) I've decided to post pictures of her sporty side. She has an athletic build and possesses a natural athletic bent that I'm sure will have her shining bright for the world to see when she's gets a little older (and when she fully realizes her strength, speed and coordination). She's amazing.

She has so many other qualities, too, of course, but this post would be a thousand pictures long if I uploaded one to show every fabulous quality.

Yolanta the Basketball Player

Yolanta the Soccer Player

More soccer

Yolanta the Gymnast

Yolanta the Rope Climber

Yolanta the Tennis Player

More tennis

Yolanta the Rock Climber

More gymnastics

Yolanta the Bike Rider

Yolanta the Archery Shooter

Yolanta the Trend Setter

Yolanta the Silly Face Maker

Yolanta the Tree Climber

Yolanta the Roller Skater

Yolanta the Inner Tuber

Yolanta the Swimmer

Yolanta the Ballerina

Yolanta the Yoga Student

Yolanta the Fisher

Yolanta the Beautiful Haitian Daughter