Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The imperfection is perfect

So you know my daughter Amy?
She's the sweetest thing since sugar cane.

What I love about her is she's the quintessential little girl at whatever age she just happens to be. Right now she's eight.

She plays soccer, goes to Awana, belongs to Christian Youth Theater (she has a singing audition this Friday), plays piano, likes American Girl magazines, laughs at her own toots, and writes on her hand. I mean, totally eight, right?

Here is a video of her playing Minuet 1 by Bach (at the end she also plays Heart and Soul).
She usually plays it considerably better than what you're about to hear, but today, when the camera came out, she made more mistakes than ever. I also noticed her hair was in her face and blocked her cuteness. Then her sister made an unexpected (though adorable) appearance, then my iPhone chimed, then the home phone rang, then her other sister talked in the background... and well, I just should have re-recorded the whole thing.

But I decided, this is life. She makes mistakes, sisters dance, phones ring, and that's what I love about my home. It's wonderfully imperfect.

The video is 3:27


Blessed Mama of 6 said...

its hard not to watch that with out thinking back to Amy as a little toddler... and I'm not sure why! Love that precious little lady. Love your perfectly imperfect home. I'm totally impressed that she's at it with no music.... and her tenacity...and her joyful heart... totally impressed!

Julie said...

Oh, she's the cutest dang thing your side of the Mississippi. Honestly. And talented. And bangs in the face are a must-have for young girls anyway--it's like a right of passage.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous! She did a wonderful job.

Jenny said...

Yay! Pretty pianist.

Ginger said...

So sweet! I just popped in from Amy's double the blessings blog. Your girls are so beautiful - what blessings!

christa jean said...

ROCK on Amy!

She will always have a special place in our hearts, she and Grace practically grew up together for the first 5 years!

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