Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The imperfection is perfect

So you know my daughter Amy?
She's the sweetest thing since sugar cane.

What I love about her is she's the quintessential little girl at whatever age she just happens to be. Right now she's eight.

She plays soccer, goes to Awana, belongs to Christian Youth Theater (she has a singing audition this Friday), plays piano, likes American Girl magazines, laughs at her own toots, and writes on her hand. I mean, totally eight, right?

Here is a video of her playing Minuet 1 by Bach (at the end she also plays Heart and Soul).
She usually plays it considerably better than what you're about to hear, but today, when the camera came out, she made more mistakes than ever. I also noticed her hair was in her face and blocked her cuteness. Then her sister made an unexpected (though adorable) appearance, then my iPhone chimed, then the home phone rang, then her other sister talked in the background... and well, I just should have re-recorded the whole thing.

But I decided, this is life. She makes mistakes, sisters dance, phones ring, and that's what I love about my home. It's wonderfully imperfect.

The video is 3:27

Friday, September 17, 2010

Katie from Haiti

Well, there's no better way to get back to blogging than to just get back to blogging.
Miss me?
I hope so.

My site meter stats have dropped way down so I'm guessing I've lost readers (understandably), but I hope that once I start commenting on YOUR blog, you'll come back to mine. Deal?

Remember back with me if you will, when Katie came home 26 months ago. She was one week shy of turning four years old. It was really fun having the girls home for only one week and getting to celebrate a birthday!

Little lovey spoke zippity zilch English. Nuthin. She spoke Creole in a cute little three year old way. Imagine your three year old child and the English that he knows...cute, right? Yeah, that's what she spoke around here only in a language I didn't understand.

Conversely, her new family spoke a language SHE didn't understand. Learning how to communicate, teaching a new language, building love and trust were the primary things we focused on right off the bat. We called her by her given name, Quetelene, and continue to call her that from time to time. It's just so beautiful and it's the name we kept on her American adoption documents.

These first two years have been an adventure and (as cliche as this sounds) a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings. Believe it or not (adoption peeps, I know you believe it) we're still getting used to things around here. Two years really isn't that long. Then again, it's amazing how much wonderfulness has been brought to our lives in only two years. But, I digress and get back to the cute little thing you see before you.

Here is a video of her reading. That's right, folks, I said READING. Not only has this bright little child learned a second language, she has learned how to read. I'm so honored to have been chosen to be her mom and her teacher. Her love language is TOUCH so we spend a lot of time cheek to cheek. I feel like a Koala Mom when I read books to all three girls on the floor, for Katie is always on my back. I love it.

I'm wondering if she has dyslexia. It could be age and just the learning process of reading, so I'm not going to worry too much about it right now. But I'm for sure going to keep my eye on it. She tends to read words in reverse order after the 4th or 5th word in a sentence. Or she'll interchange letters in a word she's already read. But like I said, that could be all part of the learning process.

Ok, prepare yourself for extreme cuteness, here's Katie, age 6, reading a book she read for the first time today.

(She has the first page memorized because that's pretty much all we've been doing today. But trust me, at 10:00 this morning, she'd never even SEEN this book.)

The video is 2:27 seconds.

Have patience and appreciate her mind working when she gets stuck on "number 3".