Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My life in 6

1) We sold our house! I've been packing it up and GoodWilling too much stuff. How do I have so much stuff!? I have mixed emotions about selling this house because BOO I love my house but YAY we will be saving money and working toward our future hopes and dreams. Following God's plan is always best, no?

2) Amy has been in Hawaii for a week and is expected home tomorrow night.
Yolanta spent 4 days in Redmond with my sister.
Katie kind of got freaked out that her sisters were gone and behaved oddly.
This is a whole post in and of itself that I think I'll spend time on soon. Security is a funny thing in the life of a 6 year old who was adopted 2 years ago.

3) A few of my friends went on Missions trips all about the same time and I've loved spending facebook hours looking through pictures of Guatemala, India, Haiti.
Jesus' love is pouring out all over the globe!

4) There are boxes everywhere in my house. Everywhere. And since husband-poo had back surger and can't lift anything or do any kind of strenuous stretching or manipulating, yours truly is doing a lot of it solo. Buff arms comin'up!

5) Portland, Oregon summer has been sucky bo bucky this year.

6) Homeschooling has been almost non-existent this summer despite my goals of continuing on. Sigh. I loaded it up with Soccer Camp, Theater Camp, Outdoor Tillikum Camp, VBS, Hawaii (for Amy), Aunt Camp (for Yolie) and a house move. There's no time for school! :) Though today Yolanta learned the proper use of when to use contractions while helping me pack and lable boxes.

Yolanta's Game's
Yolantas Games
Yolantas Game's
Yolanta's Games
Every moment is a teachable moment.

Alrighty, that's it for me now. Sorry it's not a lot of great info or funny stories or deep thoughts to ponder over. I'm hoping to get a good post in here in a while and maybe change up the design of this ol AbFab blog. Any suggestions of things you'd like to read about? I'll try to sneak in a few light posts more frequently. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A comparison

Hey, let’s go swimming!

An 8 year old girl:
“OK, FUN!” She says.
Reaches into her drawer and hurriedly takes out the first swimsuit her hand touches.
Whips it on, pulls it outta her booty as she runs outside.

Ready to go in 8.3 seconds.

A mom:
“Uh, well, um, ok.” She says.
Do I have a swimsuit?
Do I have a swimsuit that fits me?
Do I have a swimsuit that fits me TODAY?
Is it a 2piece day or a 1piece day? Try both on.
Is everything shaved? Plucked? Waxed? Remove unwanted hair.
Will I be going underwater?
If yes, do I take off all make-up and reapply waterproof mascara or just go natural?
If not, do I leave make-up as is or minimally reapply?
What about my hair, do I leave hair as is, or readjust to look pool-y?
Change swimsuit.
What do I wear overtop? Sundress? Shorts? Skirt? Sarong? Tanktop? Try all options.
Pack after-I-go-swimming clothes. New tank, new skirt, new undies, make-up, hairbrush, towel. Beach towel or bath towel? Stand there for a few minutes contemplating both.
Regret having spaghetti instead of salad for dinner last night.
Consider feigning the measles and not going swimming. Ever again.
Change swimsuit.
Put on flip-flops, grab over-packed bag and walk out the door.

Ready to go in 2 hours.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11, 2004

Happy 6th birthday, Quetelene!

We braved Chuck E. Cheese in your honor
and had a fantastic time staring at your smile.

You light up my life.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3, 2008

It's been T W O years, since we've had Yolanta and Katie home.
What baffels me even more, is that it took 2.5 years to get them home.
Do the math with me, that's 4.5 years since Husband and I said "Let's adopt."

So much has happened these past ~5 years that I'm beginning to get suspicious that someone has pushed the fast forward button on LIFE.

This is the first picture we ever received of the girls.

This morning I had a special moment with Yolanta and gave her a journal. I got it like 7 months ago from a cute little store called Piccolo Mondo Toys in Portland (a store that has a variety of toys from all around the world) and have been waiting for today to give it to her.

The journal I got for Yolanta.

Yolie is a mixed bag character leading some to believe she is a quiet, shy, reserved little girl, while other see her spunky, crazy, hilarious side and think she's a spaz!
Both are accurate. She’s complex and I think she has a lot of memories she’s not telling me about in that pretty little mind of hers.
I’m hoping the journal will not necessarily get her talk about things she’s not willing to bring forth, but at least give her a special way of documenting her feelings. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn more about her from her writing than from our heart to heart talks. Or maybe I’ll just learn regular 8 year old things like her favorite color and what her name looks like written in all the colors of her marker bin. We’ll see. I love you and your mysteriousness.

My beautiful daughter, Yolanta.

I had a special moment with Katie and gave her a book called Whoever You Are by Mem Fox. It talks about the different kinds of children all over the world, how they look and talk differently from each other, but how they all laugh, cry, play and love the same. She loves it!

The book I got for Katie.

She’s getting really good at writing her ABC’s and is for sure on a successful road to reading, but she’s not ready for a journal. Too bad because I’d love to have her document all the memories she comes up with. The thing about it is, they’re largely made up. Did you know she saw Shrek in Haiti? And had a pink cell phone? And 27 pillows on her bed? The saddest “memories” are the ones that involve her biological mother, whom she wants to go visit. Does she not remember that she died, or does she not understand what death is? Oh honey, I love you.

My beautiful daughter, Katie.

I also had a special moment with Amy. I said, “Do you know what today is?” and she replied, “It’s the two year anniversary of the girls coming home! Can you even believe I was an only child 2 years ago!?” I gave her a book titled “Someday” by Alison McGhee. It’s about a mom who shares everyday moments that mark milestones in her daughter’s life. It’s a precious book that actually makes me tear up as I read it to her. I teared up in Target forever ago when I bought it.

The book I got for Amy.

After a few minutes of chatting, something else she said struck me. She said, “It doesn’t even seem like they’re adopted, Mom. It seems like they’re biological! Sometimes I forget that we adopted them!” Part of me says WAIT! Don’t forget the 6 years of only-child-wonderful-ness that we shared! Don’t let those days slip away from you! But then part of me says YES, yes, we are family. They are sisters, daughters, forever.

My beautiful daughter, Amy.

One of the Haitian blogs I read has an arts and crafts section and I bought these handcrafted dolls made by a Haitian woman. They were delivered to my door and I presented them to my girls today as little celebratory gifts to mark the 2 years the girls have been home (along with the books). They all love them and look super adorable on their beds.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: raising older children is challenging. There is so much involved and none of it can be fully prepared for in advance. I am eternally thankful that I believe in, love and have a direct line of communication with the Creator of all people. The One who knows what to do. The God of wisdom, comfort and protection. I love you, Lord, and thank You for being a part of my life. A part of my family.

The handmade Haitian dolls straight from Haiti.


A picture of the girls today.