Monday, June 14, 2010

June 13, 2002

Yesterday was Yolanta's 8th birthday.

Remember what Amy did on her 8th birthday?

Yep! Ear piercing time!

She was a brave girl and didn't cry though I could tell she was nervous.

On Sunday, she had breakfast in bed, opened up gifts (she got a bike!), went to church, then we spent all afternoon at the roller rink with her friends and cousins for a special party.

This is only Yolanta's second birthday home with us here in America.
But she turned eight.
She was four when we started the adoption process.
Six when we brought her home.
She celebrated her 7th and now 8th birthday with us.

We're still getting to know each other and I grow more in love with her every day.
It's amazing to see the beautiful person God created her to be, and I'm honored and humbled at being chosen to be her mom. Thank you for the special gift of Yolanta. Amen.

(Props to husband who, having just had back surgery, was able join us for an hour at the rink (thanks for going to get him, ma) and was even able to come with us for ear piercing. He's such a good daddy.)

(This is on Sunday, her actual birthday, headed to church. Can you believe she's "the middle child"? Yeah...Amy's 8 months older. Look how tall Yolie is!)

This is today, Monday. She was quiet the whole way over because she was nervous.

Picking out her earring.

Choosing her birthstone.

Katie being 5. Cowboy 5 that is.

Pre holes.

Amy adjusting her hair in the mirror she found at 8 year old height.

Cleaning. Still Yolanta has said very little. :)

One down.

If she WERE saying something, I think by the look of her face it would be OUCH.

No tears. Brave girl.

Post holes. Pretty!

All three girls checking out the selection. Katie choosing what she'll get when she turns 8.
Happy Eigth Birthday, Yolanta. I love you!


Kismet said...

We're still getting to know each other and I grow more in love with her every day.


Nicole said...

Such a beautiful account of a wonderful day! Well, wonderful two days. :)


Anonymous said...

She looks so grown up with her hair like that. Fun day! Happy Birthday Yolanta!!!


Donovan and Julie said...

What a passage into girlhood! I got my ears pierced the night before my first day of middle school--and I'll never forget that exciting moment. Way to make it so special for her! Love her smile!

The Haiti Lady said...

Beautiful! I remember being 8 yo and getting my ears pierced as well! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOLANTA!!
Love Always,