Sunday, June 6, 2010

At least he'll get to watch the World Cup

My young, sporty, strong husband has to have back surgery.
What? He’s too young to need back surgery, he’s too athletic to need back surgery, he’s too handsome to need back surgery!
I know. These were my thoughts, too.

But, he’s been having major back pain for some time now, and the pain has reached his hip, all the way down his leg, causing numbness.
He walks a little funny – step, thump –step, thump – step, thump…

He’s sought prayer, MD care, chiropractic care, acupuncture, prolotherapy, massage therapy, is diligent with his home exercises… but the poor guy is still in PAIN.
All those appointments during the middle of the work day, all those co-pays and deductables and insurance hassles are really fun for him, too.

After an MRI, he sought multiple opinions on the best course for healing. Two neurosurgeons advised surgery.

Specifically, Lumbar Microsurgery.
Even more specifically, Microdiskectomy. This is removal of disk (not the whole thing in Husbands, case, just part of it).
Possibly he’ll have Microdecompression surgery which is removal of bone from the spine to better access the disk.

Amazingly, he will be in and out on the same day.
Then he will be mostly on his back for a week, driving restrictions for 2 weeks, no lifting anything over 10 pounds for a month, and other inconveniences basically all summer long.

Most sadly is the inability to play soccer this summer. If he were a girl, he’d be crying about this.

Please pray for my Knight in Shining Armor as his nerves are a little shaken.
Please pray for the doctors to successfully perform the surgery.
Please pray that he won’t be in anymore pain!

Oh, and please pray for me as I will be doing Yolanta’s 8th birthday party at the Roller Rink kinda by myself.
There’s no way he’d miss it, says Husband. But it’s only 4 days after surgery so we’ll see.

Surgery is set for this coming Wednesday the 9th.
Will keep you updated on the patient as progress unfolds.


Youthful One said...

Definitely will be praying for your hubby, the surgery and his speedy and thorough recovery. I am confident our God has the best healing in mind for him. I will pray for His abiding peace to be palpable.

And also will be praying for your super-fun roller skating party. It'll be a blast and you won't have any troubles whatsoever making memories.

DotBlogger said...

Thankfully he'll be able to log into work and lay on his back and work on his laptop.

Kismet said...

He won't get to roller skate?!?!!

Poor guy. Praying for strength for both of you and quick healing for him.



hawleyfamily said...

Oh Julie...I will be praying! Poor David...I so hope this will be the end of the pain!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry he is still in so much pain. This Wednesday? Wow...that's coming up. Praying for David, you and the girls. Praise God for surgeons who know what to do! What time will the surgery be? Much prayer. Please keep us posted.
love ya,

Jenny said...

You won't be alone at the party. I'll help ya!

We'll pray for Uncle David... but you already knew that. ;)

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