Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sad Glad Mad Bad Rad

Adopting older children is, at times, saddening.

The hardships my children have experienced...
The losses they've endured...
The changes they've undergone...
The death they've known...
The bonding we're still working on...

All these aspects show themselves in our home from time to time. We work together as a family to allow the realities of life to be addressed, and we work towards healing, bonding and love and security.
Don't get me wrong, I am blessed to have these two very special girls in our home. I believe God knew from before Creation that they would be part of the our family. I love them so very much and am thankful for this new adventure we're on. But sometimes these changes are hard to deal with and it makes me sad to remember the broken world we live in. And how to properly embrace it all.

My twin sister is dedicating her 3 month old baby to God on Mother's day. We are headed to Redmond to be a part of the service! I'm glad to be a part of this special day as dedications and baptisms are soooo wonderful and important. Having family around to witness and pray is a powerful moment. Plus, I'm dying to hold baby Violet. Smoochy lovey snuggle wuggle swaddle waddle. Yeah, this is the Ooey Gooey Auntie in me shining through! Can't wait.

There was something on facebook that was disturbing to me.

It went like this: Dear God, this year you took my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett. You took my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze. You took my favorite pop star, Michael Jackson. I just wanted to let you know, my favorite president is Barack Obama.

You know what I'm mad at? Myself. For I giggled and shared this with someone because I thought it was funny. Then I realized I was laughing at the idea that thousands of people gave a thumbs-up at the request of a death. The death of our president. Any death. I was mad at myself for laughing instead of being disappointed at what was really being posted. A request that the president would die. Clever or funny writing isn't an excuse for agreeing to wish someone was dead.

I've neglected exercise. More frustrating, of course, is the reality of what no exercise at the age of 35 equals. Squishy body, low energy, and no muscle strength. I feel weak and soft! I don't allow fitness or image to become an idol or let my thoughts get carried away on it's importance. But I do believe my body is a temple where Christ lives and by keeping in good health and good shape I am honoring Him. I'm thinking about getting back into running and lifting these 5 pound, I mean 50 pound weights. I need to get my heart rate going and my muscles activated! Thinking about it is the first step. Now, if I could actually get my running shoes on and pick up these 5, I mean 50 pound weights....

We were invited over to dinner with some cool friends of ours. They wanted to pick our brains about the adoption process! They are not necessarily considering Haiti, but just wanted to discuss our experience and they are praying about the decision for themselves. They asked us pointed questions and we felt at peace to fully discuss the Joys, the Challenges, the Struggles, the Benefits, the Wonderfulness, the Truths about what we've discovered in the journey.

Then, this morning I got this email:
Hi, I got your name from Kate Halpin who helps run an orphanage in Haiti. I am very interested in adopting a Haitian baby and was told that you would be open to sharing your experience with me. could you tell me which agency you worked with, and what the whole process consists of? I am not sure where or how to start. Any advice and contact info of good agencies you could share is greatly appreciated.

How cool is that!? I posted on FB that I just love seeing people respond to the heart tug of adoption. Like I said to my friend at dinner, I believe that adoption is a calling from God. If you feel He is calling you to adopt, do it! It's a miraculous, life-changing journey!

By the way, I copied Meredith on the whole SadGladMadBadRad format. :)


Jenny said...

WE are excited you are coming, too!! We are WAY bummed we had to miss Amy's baptism, but were with her rejoicing in Spirit.

About the Facebook thing... I giggled, too. I believe I even gave a "thumbs up" to someone. But then, there's always a 'but then', I remembered the the Bible says that He puts authority over us and we are to respect them. So, here's my cyber-confession: I am sorry. I didn't respect my president. I don't agree with a lot of his views and actions. But I must show respect.

Corey said...

Wow. What's really weird is that I got the exact same email today.. and that I don't know anyone named Kate Halpin. I hadn't answered the email yet, and now I'm totally weirded out.

Sarah Penn said...

I agree about the Obama thing. But I have to say, I giggled, because I know that that "joke" was a spoof off of a teacher union executive's message that they had written about their governor (somewhere on the east coast). I giggled because all the dems who say that repubs couldn't take a joke, probably couldn't take this one.

Now, that doesn't make it any more right... and it reinforces how much words can hurt. We must be careful of what we say mustn't we?

DotBlogger said...

That IS weird that we got the same email.
I don't know the person who sent me the email, nor do I know Kate Halpin, either.
I did a google search and see that someone named Kate Halpin does work in Haiti and was there during the earthquake, but I don't see much else about her. I sent an email to someone who might be able to help discern if this is spam or legit. :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That Obama/Facebook thing made me sad/mad too. Really? People wish him dead? I'm not his biggest fan, but that just feels so disprectful and WRONG.

So...years ago my husband and I talked about adopting another kiddo. Then we had our third and the idea just sorta slipped out of our immediate memory. My husband has revived it lately. Even went so far as to tell me he's praying about it. I'm not sure how to wrap my mind around it, but I've agreed to pray about it as well. Honestly, it scares me. More than a little. Maybe we can talk more about this sometime!

Kismet said...

I only saw the Obama thing when someone started a 'This is disrespectful' type group on FB. It totally is, no matter what your politics.

I so love your family heart.


Molly W. said...

I so appreciate your insights, Julie. You are wise beyond your years.