Monday, March 1, 2010

I've yet to use my new vocab word, though.

Most moms would probably agree with me when I say that the things we used to have time to do before we had kids – we no longer had time to do once baby was born.
You know, things like reading novels, vacuuming the car, going pee.

But, once we get the hang of mothering, despite how many children we have, we start to find a little bit of time to carve out to bring some of those things back into our lives. Piles of pictures of our babies start to take shape as photo albums. Dusty old cookbooks are pulled out to make some of those yummy desserts or family favorites again.

I don’t scrap book or cook, but I do read. I used to read everything on the front tables of Barnes&Noble (fiction and non), and biblical parenting manuals, essays, short stories, news reports...anything! Then I’d hit a wave of reading absolutely nothing (except my Bible). I’d go to the book store and everything was new and unfamiliar.

Do you go through waves of reading and non-reading?

I just finished a book called Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.

It’s a good novel about a couple of sisters who find themselves in arranged marriages to Americans and are forced to leave war-torn Shanghai, China. I really enjoyed learning about Chinese customs and ways of living (bound feet, yikes!), historical events of the war, China towns that popped up in California, etc. I can only imagine what it would be like to be an illegal immigrant (for in the book many people snuck over to the US) and the struggles that friends and family members have to keep loved ones safe.

So as I’m reading, I came across this word: filial
I’d never heard that word before but used the context to figure out what it meant.

Then the author used it again only a chapter or two later. I thought about underlining it but only if I could go back and underline it the first time it was used. But I didn’t.

Then about half way through the book, filial was used AGAIN. Now I really wished I’d underlined it in case it popped up a fourth time. But I didn’t.

I’ve never marked up a novel before. It just feels naughty.

I’ve often thought about notes I would make in the margins of my book (if I were to turn into ones who DOES mark up novels).
I think about words or phrases I would highlight or underline.
I would make speculations on what I think is going to happen at the end of the book.
Take note of places to look up on the computer. People to research.

But here’s something about me: I’ve never read the same book twice. In fact, I don’t even keep my books anymore. I used to, but after a while I realized “why the heck am I creating a library of books that I will never read again?” It was taking up too much space and as the time came to make room for homeschooling, I sold all my books for a dollar a piece. Glad I didn’t mark them up now that they’re in somebody else’s home library!


Kismet said...

I am the exact opposite! I love having my books at hand. I love going back to them and finding a word or phrase I've read before (I do mark them occasionally, but not regularly). I love having them here to lend out or even give away.

I also love to get a book 2nd hand, either lent to me or bought used and find it marked. I like trying to decided what about the line or phrase struck the previous reader that caused her to mark it.

Books are a mystery in every way and I love them. But I do have aversions. I don't dog ear the pages and I hate to have a cup set on a book.

Are we related? :)


Angie said...

There's only a few books I've read more than once. I'm the same way with movies. If I know how it's going to end... what's the point? I'd rather soak up another adventure, you know? But I love keeping and loaning out my books (although I see your point, and now I wonder why).

I used to feel strongly about keeping my books in PRISTINE condition - no dog eared pages, no marks, no cracked bindings... but now I relish them looking LOVED. I just felt like that out of the blue one day. Loved... because I read it ONE time? I'm so weird.

And yes... I go through phases too. I go for weeks or months with my nose constantly in a book, forsaking sleep at ungodly hours just to get reading time in, but then I'll go for months before picking up a book again. Glad I'm not alone in my reading quirks!

Tiffany said...

That one sounds like a great historical fiction to keep on hand for the girls for later though. I love it when I enjoy a book then, sometimes years later, one of my kids enjoys the same one!

elizabeth embracing life said...

Do you remember Daltons' Book at Washington Square? I use to go there once a month and the sales clerk would help me carry to my car two full shopping bags. I could crank out about four books a week. The kids would be in bed early and I would start a book. If I started one around 7pm I could finish it by midnight.

Long Gone are those days. I always bought hardbacks for my "collection" but, like you realized why save something I wil never read.

I am really enjoy study book as of late. Easy to start and stop and viist when I can. They sit on the dining room table with my Bible and journal.