Monday, February 22, 2010

Tell me, what flavor would YOU get?

Have any of you Portland locals been here yet?
Cool Moon Ice Cream

My folks are headed there tonight and I'm dying to know how it is.
Just LOOK at these flavors!

Bing Cherry Almond Chip
A Cool Moon original: Oregon Bing Cherries, toasted almonds, liquid chocolate crackle and a hint of natural almond extract.

Buttermilk Marionberry Swirl
A luscious swirl of Oregon’s signature blackberry accents tangy buttermilk ice cream

Butter Pecan
The classic butternut with Pecans instead of Black Walnuts

Cardinal Zin
Bittersweet chocolate with luscious zinfandel wine, dark sweet Oregon cherries, and a touch of Balsamic vinegar

Cherry Vanilla
Oregon Bing cherries with Indonesian and Madagascar vanillas

Chocolate Cherry
Milk chocolate ice cream with Oregon Bing cherries and a healthy shot of Kirschwasser.

Chocolate Sorbet
German bittersweet chocolate and our own fudge sauce in a dense, rich sorbet

Chocolate Zinfandel
Bittersweet chocolate with luscious zinfandel wine and a touch of Balsamic vinegar

Citrus Pistachio
Pistachios in creamy orange scented ice cream. Orange juice, lemon and orange zest, candied lemon peel, Grand Marnier

Coffee Caramel
Strong coffee ice cream with swirls of our own caramel sauce

Coffee Toffee
Strong coffee ice cream with locally made English Toffee rubble (crunchy toffee, chocolate, hazelnuts)

Cookies & Cream
Our Fresh Cream ice cream with all natural chocolate sandwich cookies

24 shots of Batdorf & Bronson’s Dancing Goats blend espresso plus a dusting of ground beans. Great coffee makes great ice cream.

Fresh Banana
Cream, bananas, that’s all!

Fresh Cream
Our custom ice cream base frozen all by itself. Simply: cream, sugar, eggs.

Candied Ginger
Smooth ginger ice cream with nuggets of candied ginger

Ginger Chai
Indian Chai spice mix from Portland’s own Dragonfly Chai with a handful of spicy candied ginger

Funky Chocolate Goldmine
Reverse Cookies & Cream! Our dark chocolate ice cream with “inclusions” of all-natural vanilla sandwich cookie

Good Bye Yellow Brickle Road (we thought of the name first: May 2008)
Locally made English Toffee rubble (toffee, chocolate, almonds, & hazelnuts) in our light butterscotch ice cream

Gracie’s Caramel Nib Supreme
Natural cocoa nibs in a smooth caramel ice cream

Our interpretation of a classic Indian Pistachio/Cardamom frozen dessert. A splash of rosewater lends the scent of authenticity. A Diwali staple.

Lavender Lemon
Aromatic and zesty all at once—a virtual garden of earthly delight!

Lemon Ginger
Lemon ice cream with spicy candied ginger nuggets

Lemon Sorbet
Our reinterpretation of the classic lemon Italian Ice—fresh squeezed juice, lemon zest, and sugar!

Lime in de Coconut Sorbet
Freshly squeezed lime juice meets Thai coconut creme in a puckery summer delight

Our rich ice cream with Indonesian vanilla and fresh mango-- “The King of Fruits!”

Maple Nut
The classic, made with pecans and pure Vermont maple syrup.

Marcona Almond
Roasted almond nuggets in a rich toasted almond butter ice cream. Real Amaretto rounds out the trifecta.

Mint Chip
Dried Oregon peppermint, peppermint extract, Belgian chocolate. Minty with just a touch of green!

Mocha Mania
Rich house coffee with a tenacious fudge swirl

Mocha Toffee
Exotic coffee blends, Belgian chocolate, crunchy English toffee—What’s not to love?

Morning Sunrise
Lightly tart lemon ice cream softened with a wash of strawberries

Orange Sorbet
Freshly squeezed orange juice and orange liquor

Orange Sherbet
Freshly squeezed orange juice and orange liquor mixed with a small amount of our rich ice cream base

The Oregon Berries
Beautiful ripe, local fruit, Tahitian vanilla, and our local ice cream base.




Summer Berry (Marion, Boysen and Blue Berries)

Endless Summer Berry (Summer Berry fruit blend plus raspberries)

Fresh Peach
Perfect fresh fruit, Tahitian vanilla

Fresh Peach Sorbet
Just the fruit, Ma’am!

Pineapple Orange Sorbet
Tropical fruity perfection with a splash of orange liqueur for spirit

PB Squared
The PB “double dose!” Peanut butter ice cream with locally made peanut butter cookie crumbles

PB Cookies & Cream
Locally made peanut butter cookies in our Fresh Cream ice cream

Peanut Butter Crackle
Peanut Butter Ice Cream with liquid chocolate crackle crisps

Perseid Meteor Shower
Bittersweet chocolate ice cream with white chocolate flakes. A summer occurrence in Oregon!

Pina Colada Sorbet
Pure Pineapple juice, Coconut Crème, and a shot of Meyers Dark Rum

Righteous Chocolate
Our own classic mix of German bittersweet chocolates

Saffron Sunshine
Morning in New Delhi – Kashmiri saffron, nutmeg, pistachios, and toasted almonds

Saigon Cinnamon
Suberbly rich ice cream featuring this classic spice

Spicy Thai Chili
Coconut, peanut and hot chili meet in this zesty popular flavor

Oregon Strawberry Sorbet
Ripe Willamette Valley berries and sugar. Pure summer in every bite!

Toasted Coconut
Our rich ice cream base with coconut creme and toasted shredded coconut

US Mint
Cool Oregon mint extract and our creamy ice cream base

The Cool Moon Vanilla Triumvirate
The best friends you know you can count on—together or individually:

Bourbon Indonesian



Vanilla Caramel
We make our own dark caramel sauce and swirl it into freshly frozen vanilla ice cream

Vanilla Chocolate Chip
The classic, made our way, with liquid chocolate crackle and German chocolate bits

Vanilla Fudge Twirl
Our Indonesian blend vanilla liberally laced with our hot fudge sauce

Malted Vanilla
Bourbon Indonesian vanilla ice cream with malt powder added for that incomparable malt ball flavor


Jenny said...

I will have to go and try them all!

Tiffany said...

Heard about it but have not yet visited. That list is as long as the past year's blog posts. Well, not literally. But close. Geesh!

Anonymous said...

I had Lavender Lemon and it was DELISH! It was spendy tho. Worth the treat.

Kismet said...

That was me up above.


Blessed Mama of 4 said...

geeze, I was thinking it all sounds delish, but then I kept scrolling and scrolling and I hear a girls night in the making?

SuperDave said...

I went last night and had a "New Moon". Natural orange soda with Mexican vanilla. Two words, DE-LISH!

Kelli said...

oh my goodness. I want Ice Cream so bad now!!! I will have to go with some friends and check it out!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been there, but the one that made me salivate were butter pecan, maple nut and mocha mania. I would have to get a triple decker.

christa jean said...

Let's go in and ask for a sample of each flavor! ;-D

kanishk said...

er Lemon and it was DELISH! It was spendy tho. Worth the treat.
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