Saturday, January 16, 2010


Like you, I have been immersed in the earthquake tragedy.

Everyday I see agony, pain, death.

I see my children's faces in the faces of the children on the news reports.

The resemblance hits home.

I find myself with such a gut-wrenching feeling of misery for the people there.

However, I also find myself with such huge heart felt thankfulness to the global reaction to donate, help and rescue.

Every time I see or hear of another organization (there are soooo many!) giving a percentage of the profit, or a collection being taken, or any effort of any kind by anyone....I stop and say "Awesome. Thank You."

I'm thankful to America who is Number 1 in donations to Haiti right now.

I'm thankful to the small groups and bible studies who pray and give.

I'm thankful to people like George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, the Trail Blazers, Madonna and so many other multi-millionaires who are giving to Haiti.

I'm thankful for Haitians helping Haitians. So many news reports show civilians uncovering buried civilians. One gentleman spent 3 days buried and after he got out, went out and started digging.

I'm thankful to our adoption agent LeAnne who has been sending updates from Dr. Bernard to let us know he and his wife are okay, and that the children at the orphanage are all okay.

I'm thankful to Bryn (who has spent months in Haiti) who keeps her Facebook status current with the information to which she is privy. She is still working on finding out from Dr. B where, exactly, the kids are as they are relocating them to safer structure. She's also trying to confirm the welfare of the staff at the agency. Keep trying, Bryn.

I'm thankful to the birth father, who selflessly allowed his children to leave his country, his home, his arms; to be raised and loved in my country, my home, my arms.

I'm thankful to my friend JulieBeth, an adoptive mother from the orphans of Ethiopia, who gave to the American Red Cross in honor of my girls' birth father and other children at the orphanage.

I'm thankful to my husband who gave his money and his blood to help.

I'm thankful for my 5 year old daughter who prayed and thanked God that when she gets to heaven, she will see her birth mother again.

I'm thankful to my mother who remembers that life renews itself and babies are still being born.

I'm thankful to my brother-in-law, who's missionary heart compelled him to call and ask for specific things to pray for while he worked.

I'm thankful to my friend Tiffany, an adoptive mother from the needs in the USA, who encourages others to adopt.

I'm thankful to those who have a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father who pray without ceasing. He hears. Keep praying.

All this giving... it too, hits home.

Please, leave a comment and tell me what YOU are thankful for.


Anonymous said...

I am thankful to live a simple life, free from too much drama. My heart swells up when I look at my little children sleeping peacefully in their beds... my heart breaks for all those, in Haiti and elsewhere, who do not live such a peaceful life. I am so undeserving.

I am thankful to be around people who are outward thinkers, focusing on more than their little bubble.

I am thankful for our Sovereign God, who sees all, and knows all, who has it all under control. The world and it's problems are so completely overwhelming, I am glad to be an "agent" of the Most High King, needing only to do what He asks me to, and not feeling crushed by the burden of tragedies such as this.

I'm thankful to have hope! Thanks be to God.


Anonymous said...

I am thankful for the selflessness of so many people in Haiti who are trying their very best to help people, knowing that they are putting themselves in harms way. I am thankful that I can afford to give money and to pray even though I cannot be in Haiti to help personally. Mom

Youthful One said...

I am thankful for too many things to list here, and too few things to be considered selfless.

I do appreciate your post that helps us all remember to be thankful in all circumstances. Thankfulness is a trait this society needs much more of.

Tiffany said...

My heart is so full.

I am grateful for the hope that rises up within me when I see so many people showing compassion.
I am grateful for the miracle of adoption. I am grateful for organizations who exist everyday so they will be ready for such a time as this. I am grateful for friends who have hearts of love and compassion. I am thankful for a good cry by myself. I am thankful for friends to cry together with me from our corporate broken heart.

I am grateful your girls and B are here and we are not wondering if they are ok or if/when they will come.

The Haiti Lady said...

I am thankful that people may also see Haiti for the beauty it has, that in this tragedy, something new will come of it.
That people will not forget Haiti, but remember it and its lessons. That people find Haiti in their hearts, whether it be to give, adopt or be thankful for what they have and hold each other tighter for a minute longer.
I hug my kids, and see their faces and the faces of those I love in Haiti on every show I watch.....wishing that I could have used my ticket there to go and help, but thanking the person for it and staying here to help appeal for adopted chidlren to get Visa's and Humanitarian parole...maybe for the best as I do not think my heart could take all of the sadness right now.

LeAnne The Haiti Lady

Carter said...

I am so very thankful for salvation. Without it I would be lost!
I am so very thankful for my Saviour who conquered death and Hell and came to give us LIFE and that life more abundantly! Without Him, I would despair.

I am reminded of the verse in 2 Peter 3:9 that says, "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance."

In the wake of this tragedy, when I want to cry, "Lord, please come soon!", I take pause to think that He is longsuffering...
He waits for all to be given the chance to come to Him, for He wishes that none should perish eternally!

So, I wish for salvation to come to the heart of Haiti and am so very thankful that He will bring good from evil, life from death.

christa jean said...

OOPS! Somehow I got logged in as my hubby, Carter, but it was really me, Christa!

Anonymous said...

Listen - I'm weeping. I'm thankful because though I completely unworthy, Christ Jesus has pulled me up, bloody, from the ground. He has washed me and dressed me in the Robe of His Righteousness and He has **adopted ME**. I am thankful that, not because I did anything to deserve them, I have 4 healthy, precious children. I gave them water today... clean water. I didn't worry about looters as I tucked my son in for a nap - in clean sheets with a sturdy roof overhead. I am thankful for so much. Jesus, God, help these people.

Molly W. said...

I'm thankful that God doesn't change, and that he is good all.the.time. even when it may not seem like it, he is. Come Lord Jesus, come.