Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

1. Get serious about a health plan that includes healthful eating and regular exercise. This is on everyone's list, I'm sure.

2. Read the whole Bible in 2010. Thankfully my husband and a girlfriend are doing it with me so we can keep each other accountable. Also, my church just handed out Bible reading charts on Sunday. Convenient!

3. Blog more often. Have you noticed already?

4. Spend more time with 2 certain friends of mine. You know who you are, ladies!

5. Pray earnestly , fervently and daily for the salvation of 4 friends of mine. I love them dearly and want them to experience freedom, peace, unconditional love and eternal life with Jesus.

6. Take a class of some kind to explore and expand my mind/brain (either the artistic side or academic side). Theology? Pottery? Creative writing? Poetry? Debate? Culinary?

7. Become more organized in my daily activities of homeschooling, dinner planning, devotions, etc. Organization is the key to a happy, productive ME.

8. Have people over or dinner more often. Though my timing was bad already. The other night we invited 5 different families over for Pizza and Star Wars and they all turned us down! To be fair, it was last minute and on January 2nd. Everyone was tired.

9. Finish the secret project my BFF and I are working on. Are you excited?

10. Talk to my mother-in-law more often. Love you, MomB.


Amanda Perko said...

I'm happy about #3
I'm encouraged by #5
I'm reminded by #10. Thanks!

The Everett Family said...

Your already off to a great start! Have a great 2010~

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

what a wonderfully inspiring list, love it...

Kismet said...

Well look at you!


Jenny said...

I am here to encourage you. These look like great goals! If you take a cooking class, I'm eager to taste...

No resolutions for me this year. Welcoming my 4th child and still learning to care for a diabetic one while homeschooling, moving and being an encouragement to my husband is enough for me.

Molly W. said...

You can take Adam's "Revelation" class at Grace Point Community Church! :)