Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This morning as I lay in my super duper comfortable king size bed, all cozy and well rested from a full night sleep, I became aware of a sound outside. An irritating sound that did not coincide with my dreamy environment.

Men yelling.
Shovels scraping the concrete.

All of it offended my senses as I adjusted my pillow and stretched my body and wished the annoying racket would all stop.

Right then my husband texted me from work and said "Watch the main video on CNN."

Grabbing my fuzzy robe and sipping a drink of water that sat right there on my nightstand, I headed to the computer.

I watched the emotional video of a Haitian women being rescued, pulled from a collapsed bank after having been buried for 6 days. Completely hidden from the sun, completely out of sight from everyone.

But out of sight does not mean out of mind. For her husband made it to the rubble and knew that his bank-teller wife had to be there and he prayed she was alive. Most men hanging around that area are looking for money, not survivors.

6 days after the earthquake, after removing just the right rock, Husband called into the small dark hole, "Jeanette? Are you there?"

Yes! She is thirsty, in pain, and alive! She calls out words of love to her husband and everyone jumps into action.

Jeanette begins to hear the most beautiful sounds she has ever hoped to hear in her life.

Men yelling.
Shovels scraping the concrete.

I went downstairs to be with my children as they ate their breakfast.
Standing at the kitchen sink watching the men across the street cutting down a tree, I listed to the racket they made....and it was beautiful music.


Youthful One said...


Kismet said...

Immediately after the earthquake I saw this man interviewed and he said he refused to leave the sight because he KNEW his wife was under the rubble and he felt in his soul that she was still alive. He maintained his vigil for 6 days straight.

When the equipment finally arrived to start moving the rubble he would stop the workers periodically to listen for his wife's voice. When he finally heard her the reporter who happened to be there stuck the mic down the opening and then a camera.

The first thing the woman did was to declare her love for her husband!

After she was pulled free with seemingly minor injuries what surprised me most was that she got into her husband's car and they drove away.

To where I do not know.

God is good.


Amy Cate said...

Awesome story and awesome writing Julie.

sarah penn said...

beautiful! Just beautiful!

God is so good!

Tiffany said...

This is so beautiful Julie. I love the reminder about how everyday things can remind us to be thankful, even the irritating ones!

Anonymous said...


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Molly W. said...

wow, really neat. i saw the video clips if a man waiting for his wife to come out and when she did..it was a beautiful sight indeed.

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