Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 18, 2009 = Portland

This is my twin sister, Jenny and Me. Don't we look exactly alike? Not. I'm not even sure we're really twins. Okay, I'm pretty sure we are due to that whole 'she came out of my mother 7 minutes after I did' thing.

Anyway, here we are in my 8 passenger SUV headed to visit my little sister, Abby. Jenny is Abby's doula. On Wednesday, November 18th, we got the call that Abby was in labor! Since it is November and there are mountain ranges to cross, and Jenny is 5+ pregnant, she gladly accepted a suggestion that we go pick her up and travel together.

We rotated who had to ( I mean GOT to) sit by kids, who drove, who slept, etc. There was always 2 adults in front, 2 adults in the middle, and the kids shifted around as kids are wont to do. Especially since this was our itinerary:

Portland to Redmond = 3 hours
Redmond to La Grande = 5 hours
Pit stops and drive-thrus added 1 hour
Grand total: 9 hours one way.

Then we woke at 6am and did the whole thing again in reverse.
Seriously, 18 hours of driving in about a day and a half.

Say ME if you have the best traveling kids in the whole wide world!

ME! I do! I do! I do!

All four kids (my three plus my nephew whom my wonderful parents are lovingly raising) were sooooo good the entire time! No tears, no complaining, no puking. They played barbies, soldier, coloring, iPoding, and car games

absolutely fabulously.

Here is a picture of my cute parents in the front seat. I know...they don't look old enough to be who they are. You know, grandparents of 11 Gkids!

And finally, though we missed the actual birth because my little sister is a mean birther (determined and a power-pusher), we made it to La Grande and met my newest nephew!

Get ready, you're gonna love his name:

Portland Blaze Lenon

Proud mommy.
Tiny infant son: 5lbs 12 oz

Happy sisters.

Happy Grammy.

3 generations.

Happy Grampy.

Back at the hotel we put the kids to bed and convened outside in the hallway for chatting, crosswording, pizza eating bonding.
Conversations are different when we're not crammed in a car breathing each others breath and listening to children make up jokes.

Sadly, due to the H1N1 hospital rules, children under the age of 18 are not allowed inside. So Mason, proud big brother, was not allowed to meet his little pal.
So the next morning at 6:45am, as the snow fell, Mase waved from the parking lot up to his 1 day old brother and tired mother. Bittersweet.
Welcome to the world, Portland Blaze. You have so much love surrounding you by this family, it's beyond belief. It's powerful.


Kismet said...

That last picture wrenches my heart.

It was truly a memorable trip. I'd do it again any time :)

You captured it perfectly.


Youthful One said...

I was good until the last pic.
Now I'm weeping.
Stinkin' rules!

What an amazing family you are.
The whole trip speaks volumes of the committed love you share.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Wow! A family road trip and a new nephew! You are BLESSED, girlie.

I'm happy for you. That last picture and the last two sentences made me kinda teary. I wish every family I knew was as loving.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Jenny said...

I loved that trip. Even though we missed the birthing, it was charged by love. Every single mile.

I also remember when I was photogenic. Not so much any longer.

SuperDave said...

That was a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

How awesome!

Only your cute family would think to go out in the hall to commence the evening. I love that about you guys.

Portland Blaze is a cutie. Are they Portland Blazer fans or was it because Portland is there true home and he came out like a blaze?


Molly W. said...

I'm so sorry that after all that you missed the birth! Welcome to the world, Portland!! Thanks for sharing the day with us, Julie!

Julie said...

Absolutely precious! Congratulations...