Thursday, November 12, 2009

A date with Amy

Amy and I went out on Saturday, just the two of us. Husband took Yolanta and Katie to the beach for the whole day...everyone had fun.
The first place Amy and I went was Starbucks. We each got a Chai Vanilla Latte and I'm mad at myself for not taking a picture of the two of us sitting there like girlfriends chatting the morning away over our drinks.

Amy and I have been painting pottery for years. It's one of her favorite things to do and we used to do it several times a year before the girls got home. We introduced it to Yolanta and Katie and they love it, too! So Amy and I decided to go again on our date.

We painted a bowl and she picked out all the colors and design... we were supposed to share the painting part of it, too, but somehow she ended up doing most of it (which of course was how I wanted it!)

I love her concentration on her rainbow stripes.

Look how long her hair is!
And look how OLD she looks!
She's only 8 and she's a small 8...but in this pictures she seems 10 or 12.

Cute smiles.

We then went to the mall. She's a natural shopper, this girl is!
This is her current favorite store: Claire's.

Admiring how she looks in the mirror. Especially with her newly pierced ears!

Yes, we bought the hat. Who could say no to this girl?
Then we had lunch at her food court restaurant of choice: Panda Express. Amy was born on the wrong continent I'm sure because she could eat Asian food evey day!
Then we went and had free samples of See's Candy and I love that the first thing she said was "Can we buy some for my sisters?"
So we did.

Now brace yourself....

Look how looooonnnnngggg her hair is!
She wanted a change and despite the fact I asked her 1,842 times "Are you SUUUURE???" she wanted to chop it.

She wanted ME to chop MINE, too. I was really close to agreeing, you guys. I mean, I really contemplated it. But I just am not ready. And if you're not ready to make a drastic change, don't do it!
(Right Hillory?)

This was the initial WHACK that the stylist did before washing it. I actually like it THIS length as it looks very cute on her. But no, Amy wanted to keep cutting. Sheesh!

Such a grown up feeling to get your hair washed by a professional, eh?

This picture is my favorite. Why? Because she looks exactly like me, here, when I was 8.
Right mom?

Amy specifically used the words A-Line when talking with the stylist. She even said "I don't want a bob."
She must hear me talking about hair styles enough to have picked up the correct lingo!

Oh my gosh. Her face!
{me kissing screen}

So short in back! And just look at that face. Total genuine smile. She loves it.

Stopping by that fancy dress store in the mall -- just for fun.
"Oooh, I like this one."
"Where would you go if you had this dress on?"
"Which dress looks best with short hair?"

She is such a sweet and tender hearted girl.
I love her beyond measure.
She is a lover of God, a lover of people, a lover of books and a lover of goodness. She knows Jesus personally and has a maturity that surprises me daily.
She's emotional and deep. But at the same time silly and spunky.
The way she has embraced the adoption and made Yolanta and Katie feel loved-- moves me.
The relationships she forms with her sisters, her mother, her father and her friends are genuine and meaningful.

Joy is her middle name and she brings it, makes it, inspires it and shares it.

What a treasure she is. Thank you, God, for the gift of my daughter Amy Joy.


Jenny said...

Her hair cut is like Jill's was before it grew out. It's ADORABLE on her! But you don't need ME to tell you that. ;)

Fun date!

Youthful One said...

LOVE it!

Tears in my eyes... for the overwhelming sweetness, joy, special date time, and a tinge of fear and dread that my eldest daughter is only 2 years behind Amy (in age).

They are just growing up TOO FAST!!!

Great job celebrating your daughters, and enjoying every bit of them. You have a real gift of finding the unique and special things in each one and appreciating them. You inspire me to do likewise with each of my children.

Amanda P said...

I LOVE one on one dates, and feel that they're so important for these little ones. Amy is just beautiful with her haircut, nice choice. I only regret that we don't get to see the hat with the new hair...

Molly W. said...

That Amy is a special girl for SURE, what a sweet pea!! Her hair looks lovely, sooo cute!!

The Haiti Lady said...

Oh Amy, you look so ADORABLE with your new hair cut and pierced ears! Don't grow up to fast sweetie! :-P

LeANne The Haiti Lady

Amanda said...

What a CUTE hair cut and pierced ears??? Wow!

I agree...this is a FABULOUS post...i love dates with my daughter. She's so fun :~)

Anonymous said...

Ahh...I'm teary.