Monday, October 19, 2009

Be Brief, Brother, Be Brief

12 points are a lot to cover in a 40 minute sermon.
But Pastor Phil did it and did it well!
He of course stuck to his seminary teaching of the 5 B's.
(I'm quoting Pastor Phil here!)
Be brief, brother, be brief.

A Jesus Church...

1. imitates Jesus
2. is Spirit filled
3. is evangelistic
4. is a holy church
5. is serving
6. is expectant of Christ's return

...hey, are these things true of my own life, too?

Servants of Jesus...

1. endure hardships
2. live to please God
a) Do your feelings get hurt easily?
b) Do you crave appreciation?
c) Do you long for recognition?
d)do you struggle with obscurity?
3. lead by example
4. are tender hearted
5. are hard workers
6. are great encouragers I a servant of Jesus?

These 12 points were found from:
1 Thessalonians Chapter 1 Verses 5-10 and Chapter 2 Verses 1-12

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elizabeth embracing life said...

What a great reminder and list for me. I loved Phil's words this past week and honestly every time I hear BBBBB rining in the back of my mind. He is a great teacher in that my notes look just like yours.