Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 26, 1955

Happy Birthday to my daddy!

Here is his blog to check out his post about the advancement in cars, computers, phones and TV's since he's been born. It's a fun post.

Dad, I love you.

You are inspiring, loving, friendly and confident.

You are super, is what you are!

(This was supposed to be published yesterday, you know ON his birthday)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

MVA Update

Doc said not to run yet.
I won't have that long of a wait, though. Within the next month or so. Yay!

I'm feeling pretty great, really, but am pained with neck strain, a few headaches and a confusion about things now and then.

I'm confident that my health plan is the right one with the natural remedies and acupuncture and prayer.

Thank you so much for the comments, emails and concern. You guys are AbFab. :)

My friend Angela is doing well, too. She has ailments and issues regarding her neck like me, and is on a great path of recovery that her ND has come up with. Love you, Ang!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Motor Vehicle Accident
That's what that stands for.
And that's what I was in last weekend.

I've been hinting at it on Facebook this past week with vague clues as my status.

Doctor visits.

You see, it was my BFF's birthday last Sunday, so on Saturday night I gave her the customary gift card to Starbucks (that's how we take care of each other on our birthday's) and took her out for NW Portland window-shopping and Fondue dinner. Wonderful!

Don't we look laffy!?

So far so good.

It was 10:00 pm and the night was over (remember in our 20's when the night BEGAN at 10?)and I was driving her back to her car.

There was a car in the middle of the highway (for you locals, it was I-405 SB) stopped with it's right blinker on! He had apparently missed his exit to head over to PDX or to OMSI or wherever he wanted to go and was trying to get over.

Isn't it in the top 10 rules of driving that if you make a mistake in your navigation and miss an exit, that you just have to pay the price and go down to the next one? I mean, stopping in the middle of the interstate when the cars around you are going 50 (or some people who don't realize it's slower at that stretch could be going the usual 55+) and you try to stop, blink and get over? Wow.

So the car directly in front of me slowed and actually had to swerve out of the way so as not to hit him. I was aware of the whole situation and with my hands on the wheel at 10&2 (for real, that's how I drive) I slowed my car waaaaaaaaay down. No screeching, no swerving, no fishtailing, no freaking out. Just slowed my car down to avoid crashing into the car in front of me.

The 20-some year old girl driving her dad's BMW behind me, however, did not slow down.

She crashed into my car so hard that the rear-view mirror came off.

The airbag did not deploy and I understand it's because it was a rear-end impact and not a head-on collision. Had I been pushed into anything, I'm sure I would have had my face in an airbag.

But the car in front of me proceeded forward and I never saw him again.

After calling 911, ODOT came-police did not. Since we were not obstructing traffic (we were pretty much on the side of the road at this point) and since no one needed to seek medical attention at the scene, cops weren't dispatched. This is mysterious to me because what if the girl who hit me was intoxicated!? (Or me, for that matter--I was not!). How would that be determined? It wouldn't be! We will never know if she was under the influence at the time of the accident.

So, after experiencing pain and dizziness and other accident-like symptoms, I went to the Doctor. So did my passenger. We both suffered a concussion and the affects of Shock.

I have other pains and issues related to my ribs and shoulders and neck and spine and head and am seeking care for those by a trusted doctor.

Acupuncture, Chiropractic adjustment and Homeopathic remedies are my friends right now.

One of my FB status updates was this: Claim numbers, case numbers, insurance companies, phone menus, tow truck companies, rental car companies, doctor appointments...I've been on the phone for a week!

My brother-in-law commented: I'm just glad you were not in the hospital for a week!

So true. Thank you, Rog, for reminding me that it could have been so much worse. I'm very thankful Angela and I were not hurt more than we were. Not to minimize our pain and suffering, because what we're going through really does hurt and it SUCKS. But thank you, God, we are alive.

My friend who has not (yet) given her life to God, recently asked me about Jesus and if I thought about Him during hard times. I told her YES, I couldn't even consider going through hard times without the peace and comfort He brings.

My running partner Donna wants us to do the Portland 5k Run Like Hell in October. Is it safe to train? Will I hurt my body to run? It's only 3 miles, but still. I have vertebrae issues now! I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday and will ask him.

Part of me says "oh, it wasn't really THAT bad of an accident."

But it's left me emotional about things, a smidgen scared about driving and a little crazy feeling. So that makes me think that yeah, it was bad.

My pastor pointed out 3 things about Mary today and how we should emulate our lives like her.

1) she went to the feet of Jesus for instruction-
Even though her sister Martha was busy making dinner, Mary knew where she should be.
2) she went to the feet of Jesus for comfort-
When her brother Lazarus died. Jesus wept! (even though He was to bring him back to life)
3) she went to the feet of Jesus for worship-
She poured expensive perfume over his feet (she gave her best to Him)

Just like I told my friend, I will sit at the feet of Jesus for instruction on how best to handle this accident, my health, my time, my healing.
I will sit at the feet of Jesus for comfort when I am hurting, frenzied, crazy feeling and when I think about my friend who is also hurt.
I will sit at the feet of Jesus for worship and thank Him that I am alive, that Angela is alive, that the driver of the vehicle is alive. That we can walk. That we didn't spend a week in the hospital!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Practice Hospitality. Romans 12:13

I live in Portland, my twin sister lives in Redmond.
3 hours drive.

The weather is lovely because it's hot and sunny in the summer and cold and snowy in the winter. Not a lot of rain. It's desert-like out in the country. There are real live cowboys walkin' around. Sunriver resort is just around the corner. Bend is half an hour away with all the chic shops and cute yuppie houses.

The whole area has that Small Town feel that makes me feel like I own the place since I know where everything is.

Then there's my brother-in-law who is an AbFab cook and whips up yumminess in the kitchen whenever I'm there. And then there's my 3 beautiful nieces who crack me up with their wonderful, unique personalities. Oh, and did I mention my twin sister? Yeah. She's the main reason I come.

Smith Rock. This is a really fun place to hike and spend the day. It's about a 15 minute drive from my sister's driveway!
Another homeschooling pro: we can come and stay here anytime of the year! My sis homeschools her kids, and our kids are the same age. Field trips and cousins makes multiplication and Oregon history not even seem like work. :)