Saturday, August 8, 2009

Medika Mamba is Creole for Peanut Butter Medicine

"My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations." Isaiah 56:7

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” John 14:18

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations." Mathew 28:19

Oh, beautiful Haiti.
Oh, poor, impoverished, corrupt, Haiti.

Population: 8.5 million
Childhood Mortality: 129 of every 1,000 Haitian children will die before their fifth birthday.

Here is a 3+ minute video about Medika Mamba.

I never went to Mexico to put on a VBS or build a school when I was in High School like a lot of other youth groupers did.

I never spent any time abroad involved with the Peace Corp when I was in my early 20's like a lot of other soul searching and want-to-help-the-world-ers did.

I never felt the call to move my family to a foreign country to spread the Gospel like a lot of other ministry-minded wives do.

I have, however, twice been to Haiti during the process of adopting my daughters.

Having not witnessed extreme poverty before I was 32 years old, traveling to the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere was shocking to me.

It jolted all 5 of my senses. It's been 13 months since I was last in Haiti and images still race through my mind. Neither time I was there was I allowed to go walking the streets of Port-au-Prince or venture out to the country side to gain a better understanding of the country and experience the way of life as it is for a Haitian. I don't know if I really gained a full comprehension of the reality of where and how this country needs help.

It was, of course, for my safety that I had limited and restricted access to go immerse myself in the aftermath of a crumbling, gang infested, strained, civil war-torn country.

But what I DID see and what I DID experience and what I DID understand are these things:

Haiti needs God

Haiti needs good food and clean water

Haiti needs honest politicians

Haiti needs education

Haiti needs relief

I watch documentaries and read books and news reports of the progress of Haiti.

I actively read blogs of other adoptive families and blogs of aid workers and missionaries caring for the people...the children...the country.

Through this blog, and specifically from this post, I have learned about MFK (Meds and Food for Kids). MFK saves the lives of severely malnourished children in Haiti by producing and prescribing Medika Mamba, a Ready to use Therapeutic Food (RUTF).

They are implemented through 12 partners that include hospitals, feeding programs, church run medical clinics and housing projects.

Find out more about this awesome organization HERE.

I want to know. I want to help. I want my children (when the time is right) to understand the country from which they've come. I want to instill a desire to help and rehabilitate and spread the Good News. I want my children to come to an understanding that helping, and loving on a hurting, hungry country is important, worthwhile, Biblical.

Now is not the time to go spend my days in Haiti. Perhaps someday my family and I will, indeed, become a part of Haiti in a way that will bring health and healing and help.

What can I do today?

I can pray.
I can donate money.
I can spread the word of the need for help so that you can pray and donate and maybe even Go.

I know there is poverty here in the sates. I know there is extreme poverty all.over.the.globe.
I know people are hurting. Others are helping. Child Sponsorships are happening every single day. Adoptions are happening. Awesome!

My heart is aching for the people of Haiti. Of course. :)
What makes your heart ache?

Pray. Give. Go.

Peanut Butter, for peetsake! That right there saves lives. Will you help?

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Kismet said...

I watched the video and posted a link of my Facebook page. My heart hurts so for this country. I am awed by your constant commitment to it.

Love you,