Monday, August 31, 2009

Little Girl (Happy then Sad)

I snapped this picture from my iPhone the other day.
Here is my 7 year old Amy after eating TCBY.

Frozen Yogurt
Reading comics
Jelly bracelets

Could she be any more 7 years old?

I love it.
I'm pretty sure this is what I looked like when I was a little girl, too.

Enjoy this picture.

I am so sad.
I googled jelly bracelets to maybe link to a fun page.
I had forgotten something that I once heard about. The pages I was taken to were not fun. I don't even advise you, the reader, to google it. It's x-rated in content.
I used to wear these bracelets when I was little and never did they mean anything sexual. They meant fun and friendship and cool and neat; the same reasons my innocent daughter is wearing them.
I'm disgusted that someone stole the right for me to comfortably let my children wear these around town.
Proverbs 3:32
For the LORD detests a perverse man but takes the upright into his confidence.


Atlanta said...

I know what you mean. I love them as a child but find it very hard to let the girls wear them.

angelagarretson said...

Well, now I want to know what it means for the same reasons; to guard and protect. I'm sad that anyone could make nasty out of something so pure and gumily sweet. But, I do know one thing...I want that picture of your three girls. Please send it to me. Name your price! :) hug

elizabeth embracing life said...

It was a sad day when Emily came home and threw all her jelly bracelets away and told me some of their meanings. Even in a Christian school the meanings were being passed around. I was proud of her for not wanting to ever be associated with the meanings. But on the bright side little girls are precious in how they carry themselves with such an innocent confidence.

Youthful One said...

I can't even begin to imagine what connotations they could carry. How bizarre and grotesque!
How else is a conservative, non-worldly parent such as you & I to know these things without becoming polluted in the discovery?
We haven't really gotten into jelly bracelets around here, but I'm guessing this means we should avoid them at all costs? And is it limited to jelly bracelets?

Anonymous said...

How ever does one protect one's children from the evolving things of which one is totally unaware? Kids cannot be left totally unknowledgeable, either, because they will eventually be exposed to new ideas and different moral standards for which they are unprepared to make good judgments. I am praying for a young lady currently that was raised beautifully, but who is now making iffy choices that could lead to bad choices. As a grandma, I pray, pray, pray! blb

Kismet said...

Oh that is happy then sad.
I kinda remember some girls at work talking about the meaning of the different colors of those jellies in relation to their own kids wanting to wear them. They too were disgusted.
Good mama, you.


Jenny said...

I love that 7 yo!

Stacy Dean said...

I used to wear those too until I found out and I was like...ugh! They are so cute, but alas, the world loves to take anything and add filth to it :( So sad.