Monday, July 27, 2009

Bad Boys Bad Boys --- Watcha gunna do when they come for you?

UPDATE: I feel kinda dorky now.
It wasn't until I read Youthful One's comment that I realized I was interpreting the word Vandalism with Theft. Really. This whole time I've been thinking that they were guarding against THEFT, not graffiti or careless aim jobs by boys, etc.
I'm sorta retracting this post because now I understand.

I don't get it.
In case you can't read it very well, it says:

Due to continued vandalism, the men's restroom will remain locked. Please see
staff member for key. Thank you for your assistance. We apologize for the

This is posted at the Redmond Public Library.

Really. I was there last week and took this picture.

But I don't get it. The women's bathroom did not have this sign and was not locked.

Continued vandalism... I'm assuming of books, right? How do they know it is only men stealing books? Are all the books on How to be a Boy missing? And after a gentleman sees a staff member for the key, couldn't he still steal his manly books and walk out with the key, too?

Is someone stealing toilet paper?
Maybe. Times are tough. That would be sad.

And perhaps if someone had to look face to face at a librarian and ask for a key to go in and steal TP, he'd be less inclined to for fear of being recognized later, I guess. Right?

I don't know.


Youthful One said...

Drawing from my experience as assistant manager of a local video arcade, the men's restroom likely has suffered vandalism more than the books said 'men' have come for. And, unfortunately, such vandalism likely had more to do with aiming, or intentional mis-aiming, as well as careless (or intentional) overuse, misuse and abuse of TP. Something about being a boy... One of those boy things I really care not to understand.

I agree, though, that the vandalism has likely decreased with the perpetrators' knowledge of having to consult a librarian face-to-face after 'using' the facilities.

Jenny said...

Hahahaha! That's a funny mistake, Ju.

Youthful One said...

No need to feel like a dork.
You're a girl!
And, I'm guessing, you haven't had the benefit of experiencing such acts of 'vandalism' from boys in your own home...

(And THIS is why my boys have toilet duty- to consistently remind them of their aim, especially around the base of the toilet. UGH.)

SuperDave said...

Ok, I just want to set the record staight. When I first got hired at the Big Box Store that I still work for, I was in the maintenance department. That means janitor. I had the duty of cleaning boy restrooms everyday. The ladies room was by far the worst. Boys write on the walls, girls are untidy. Everyday.