Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photo Caption Request

I snapped this cute picture of my 4 year old from my iPhone. I didn't spend any real time centering it or planning anything and it wasn't till I sent it to my email that I noticed

1) There's a horse on the wall
2) She's wearing her big sister's horse shirt
3) There's a horse statue in the bottom right hand corner on the bookshelf

Serendipitous for a photo, I'd say. Imagine how extra cute it would be if I had my good Nikon pointed and planned on capturing all the horseness and that absolutely fabulous face of the little girl in the foreground!

I feel like this needs the perfect Photo Caption or Title. Anyone have any ideas?


Oregon Corrigans said...

Horses are a girl's best friend :)

Kismet said...

Is this a contest? What's the prize?

My Pretty Pony


Anonymous said...

Whispers From a Pony

Anonymous said...


SuperDave said...

Horsin' Around!

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

"Hey Charlie, come with us on an adventure to candy mountain."
(sorry I'm a dork and can't be any more clever than that, and I know technically, Charlie is a unicorn, sorry)

Amanda said...

Triple Crown Smiles Abound!

Jenny said...

Yeee hawwww!

christa jean said...

It totally looks as if the horse is whispering to her... or smooching on her!

Gracie's idea was:
"The Horse by the Lake of Cherry Blossoms"

My idea:
"Brown Beauty" ;-D you know, instead of Black Beauty?! Oh well, I tried.

Anonymous said...

What a cute blog. :) Well, for that matter....what a cute girl.

That's so funny that you captured all of that horse play in one quick photo.

When I first saw the photo I noticed that it looked as though the brown horse was whispering a secret to Katie. He he.

Tiffany said...

~ "Well, you didn't hear it from me, cuz I'm just horsin' around..."

Anonymous said...

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