Friday, June 12, 2009

An Assortment of Things Yet to Come

Ohhh there's so many things I want to write about!

And isn't it just the way it goes...I go for weeks between posts then all of a sudden, my brain is gushing with things to put down on paper. er, screen. whatever.

But anyway, the sad part is, I don't have very much available time these next few days. But I wanted to give a quickie to let you know that I'm still here and have lots of great things to come.

The first thing: I am not pregnant. My two sisters are. I've received several private emails (and special comments here and on facebook) asking me how I am doing with this news.
If you're new to this blog or don't know me IRL, I seem to have had a mysterious inability to get pregnant again. Hence the emails from y'all asking how I'm doing. I just love friends.
So this is one of the topics I have floating in my fingertips ready to whip out on the computer keyboard.

The second thing: Tomorrow (June 13) is my daughter's birthday! She's turning 7. This is her first birthday to be celebrated with us as her family. Should be pretty special. Will post pictures and give everyone a glimpse into her special day.

The third thing: July marks one year that the girls have been home. ONE YEAR. Holy guacamole. Time went by both super duper lightning fast and super duper creepy crawly slow.
I've got lots of progress reports to share about their development in just one year. Hold on to your hat, they're whole new kids!

The fourth thing: I've got some stuff about homeschooling that I want talk about. Inevitably at this time of year, people often ask "Will you be homeschooling throughout the summer?" My answer is YES! So I want to lay out my reasons on paper (screen?) and share with everyone else who might be wondering.

Will try not to keep you waiting for too long for each of these posts. But, like everyone else who has kids and summer is starting, we're busy around here! :)


Anonymous said...

Julie, Praying for a peace that passes understanding as you celebrate the lives growing in your sisters while grieving your own struggles with fertility.

I had not planned on homeschooling through the summer. But, one week in to summer and I am rethinking the wisdom of this. Two of my neighbors do daycare. The kids my children play with in the evening are visible, outdoors and playing. Beverly and David can't go over there; their presence would mean that the provider to child ratio was exceeded.

Only rarely do their friends leave their daycare friends to join my kids. The day crawls for them. David, my social butterfly, especially doesn't understand why he can't join the rest of the kids. We need to have some planned, structured activity to get the littles through daycare hours.

Amanda P said...

You have little birdie girls, perched around reading books. So fun, I LOVE seeing my boys all piled up reading to each other. I'm looking forward to your posts, and am praying for you for peace, perfect birthdays and a fun-learning summer.

I'm going to host some fun (don't-tell-the-kids-they'll-be-learning) challenges....maybe you'll join us?

Molly W. said...

Looking forward to more!

elizabeth embracing life said...

I loved your quick catching up. We are homeschooling this summer. More like practicing for when September comes. Pray for me as I find my way through with the boys. I am enjoying it, but do have my time at home filled up which seemsto be going well. I love the perches your girls have for reading. Very sweet.

Amanda P said...

Hey, Julie...will you post your comics when they're done? We'd love to see. Also, your sister told me to ask you about boric acid? I'm at

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic photo of you, Jenny and Abby!

Homeschooling through the summer is probably a great idea. Most teachers lament that kids lose ground over the summer because they don't have reinforcement of what they had learned. Even parents who do not homeschool their kids should be teachers all the time. MomB