Monday, June 8, 2009

2 Truths and 1 Lie

1. My little sister is pregnant

2. My twin sister is pregnant

3. I am pregnant


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

My guess is 2 and 3 are true. *squeal* Am I right?

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

I love you and am so happy for your family as each child is a blessing from the Lord, and have been praying too... wouldn't it be wild if all three were true soon? I hope!

barbara said...

I am so sorry that it has worked out for you as it has -- on very many levels. I wonder if God wants for you to have the energy to focus on your girls for the time being. (And think: Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah. Well..., maybe not :). Mom

Amanda P said...

I know about Jenny...I wonder if it's you....? I have you on my prayer list on the bathroom mirror so I pray for you to get pregnant every day!! I will keep praying.

The Everett Family said...

I pray that your hearts desire will be fulfilled soon. It's hard to write something that could possibly even come close to what I have felt also being in a similar situation. Every word I put down feels trivial. I tried and tried to write something for your previous post but it is so hard to say something that doesn't sound simple and trite. My best efforts are in prayer. Thankfully they don't have to be eloquent.

Tiffany said...


We grieve for things we lose and for things we don't have and for things we are disappointed by. Grief cannot be "fixed".

I know you are happy for each new life, but also understand the grief which must wash over you at times. Don't feel guilty, you are not ungrateful. You are SO grateful that you want more of what you've been given:)