Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lists are more fun to fill out than read.

But I hope you read mine. Because I'm needy that way, okay?

Lists are blog-cheats, and too similar to FaceBook.
But today I'm cheating. I'm making a Blog List.

I'm copying a couple of other girls I know IRL (in real life).
I had to parenthesis the meaning of the acronym for my friend cjc.

I am looking forward to these 8 things:

1. Giving Yolanta (my 6yo) a bike for her birthday this summer
She's been riding Amy's (my 7yo) which is too small for her. She LOVES bike riding.
2. My annual beach trip with my BFF
We didn't go last year because the girls had just gotten home and it was too soon to leave them for a weekend.
3. Running another 1/2 marathon
The one I just completed (last weekend) was not my best by any means. I want to run another to achieve personal goals and set new PR's.
4. Jesus returning
Not that I'm anxious for this life to end, mind you. We should all be looking forward to the day when trumpets sound, though! ooh, gives me shivers.
5. The zoo with Sarah
If we can ever find a day that works for us. I love the zoo. She loves the zoo. We both have kids that love the zoo. Yet, I don't think we've ever been to the zoo together!
6. Getting professional pictures of my girls
They've been home for 10 months and I'm longing to get them in front of This Camera.
7. Meeting the men my daughters will marry
I love that I'm going to have black grandchildren (or 1/2 black if they marry white men and/or if my white child maries a black man).
8. To seeing what God is going to do with this secret project I'm working on
Sorry, can't give you much more information that that. If you know, don't give it away!

I did these 8 things yesterday:

1. Prayed
I do this daily.
2. Drank coffee with my girlfriend
We had to reschedule our weekly visit and having her here on a different day monkeyed with my schedule. This is Sunday, right?
3. Matched my coffee mug to my outfit
Yes, I do this. Check it out here if you'd like.
4. Ran 3 miles in 31 minutes and 9 seconds
This is a beautiful pace for me. No where near what I did on race day, goshdarnit.
5. Made spaghetti for dinner
I know, super easy. But it's super yummy and my whole family likes it. So back off!
6. Cracked up at my 7 year old who mistook Backstreet Boys for DC Talk
Admittedly some of their songs do have the same sound...but the lyrics have completely opposite focuses! Funny.
7. Went to the grocery store 2 times
Totally annoying. But I forgot the creme for my coffee so back to the store I went!
8. Played Scattegories, Crazy 8's (oooh, totally appropriate for this list!), Old Maid and Candyland with my children
Gotta love building relationship children, am I right?

I wish I could do these 8 things:

1. My Haitian daughters' hair
Seriously. My poor children. I'm getting better at it (I hear you, Tiff) but I just don't do it well.
2. Cook fabulously so we're not eating spaghetti all the time
I've been longing to be a good cook for a while now, but I lack the desire to practice and GET better at it. Yeah. I know.
3. Sing beautifully
I'm a fine singer, but not a beautiful singer. I'm not sad about it or anything, just wish I was prettier at it. lalalalalalalalala
4. Correct my form in running
I've got kind of a silly form where my leg kicks out behind me sideways and my knee buckles inward. DGB told me I was too old to correct my form. Too old? Psh! I'm only 32*
5. Garden and grow and green-thumb and all things related to yard
I suppose I cooouuullld do these things, but similar to cooking, I need to really dig in and keep at it to get better at it. Sigh.
6. Recite verses and have better Bible retention
I feel like I know my Bible fairly well and have a few words hidden in my heart, but I am not fully dressed with the armor of God as it says in Ephesians 6:10-18.
7. Speak fluent French
Part of the reason we adopted from Haiti is because it's a French/Creole speaking country. I have taken several years of French and can understand much of what is being said in the French subtitled movies we watch, but I can not speak it fluently and confidently.
8. Get Pregnant

I watch these 8 TV shows:

1. American Idol
2. So You Think You Can Dance
3. The Office
4. Scrubs (Watched the show finale this week)
5. The Big Bang Theory
6. Contemporary Christian Music Channel
7. The Bearenstain Bears
8. Netflix

These 8 things bring me Peace and Comfort

1. The Holy Spirit
2. My husband
3. My children
4. My family
5. Prayer
6. My friends
7. A good sermon
8. Singing praise songs



Molly W. said...

I LOVE reading lists! And even though I'm not a professional photog (yet!) I still hope to snap some pics of your kiddos this summer. :)

christa jean said...

Who is "cjc"?

I'm sooo curious about your project thingy!

Amanda P said...

I will be praying for you about #8...;)

Sarah said...

I would love to go to the zoo with the whole gang this spring/summer! :)

Jenny said...

I pray Jeuse comes back all the time.

Anonymous said...

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Divine Femininity said...

Hi. I actually accidently stumbled on ur page when I typed lists to make in Google and ur lists are beautiful lists to make, not to mention ur beautiful children and lovely life. Don't worry too much abt getting pregnant. The trick is to have fun and not think about it. That's what teens do and they always get knocked up! I tried and tried and never got pregnant. One time something happened n I changed my mind abt getting pregnant- i didnt want to- and I got pregnant. Hav fun. Making the baby's the fun part. And you hav 3 lovely girls to share the fun with! All the best!