Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time with Him

Everyday when I wake up, I start with a quick prayer to God thanking Him for the day.

It's just a quick shout-out to my Creator every morning.

Then I go to the bathroom.

Then all throughout the day I talk to God and sing praises to Him and generally lift up most things in my life to Him.

But what I don't do is spend a generous amount of time with God reading my Bible and devoting actual time to Him and with Him. I do this often, but not each and every day.

I'm not legalistic so I don't believe that I HAVE to have devotions or that I'm not a Christian if I forget to read my Bible.

But what I DO believe, is that spending time with God is how I draw close to Him.

James 4:8 "Draw close to God and He will draw close to you."

And when He draws close to me, I can better hear His voice.

And when I can better hear His voice, I can better understand His will for my life.

And when I can better understand His will for my life, it's easier for me to stay on the path He's laid out for me.

And when I stay on the path He's laid out for me, I will be blessed with happiness, protection, love and wisdom.

And when I am blessed with happiness, protection, love and wisdom, I can be a better wife, mother and friend.

When when I am a better wife, mother and friend, I can be a more respectable witness of Jesus Christ to those who don't know Him.

At church a couple weeks ago, the pastor said "One of the reasons people feel like God is so far away, is because they are not spending time with Him, reading their Bibles."

Then I went to a women's event last weekend and the pastor's wife said "When you pray, it's a good idea to have your Bible open. This allows God to speak directly into your life through His Word."

Now, I know that God is not limited in any way. If He wants to talk to me, He has infinite measures He could use. And, knowing God, they're probably all beautiful, soft, gentle and loving ways. Right, Meredeth? And I also know that God gives me my own freedom and my own will to do whatever I want. But guess what I want? I want to do what God has intended for me!

I can guarantee that the King of Kings has a better life planned for me than I could ever even come up with on my own.

Hebrews 12:2 says "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith."

When I fix my eyes on Jesus, I'm allowing Him to be the author of my life.

Fixing my eyes on Jesus means to spend good, quality time with Him. In his Word.

Psalm 119:105 says "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path."

Who can't see a path better in this dark world than when there's a light on it!?

Do you read your Bible every day? I'd love to hear your story...


Amy Cate said...

Awesome post!

Nope, I don't right now. I have at other times of my life though, and it is always better, in every way, when I am daily in His Word. So why do I let myself get out of the habit and out of that precious life-giving time?
In any case, I love how you put the part about what you believe (not legalistic, but it's good for these reasons) and I agree with every word.
I need Him, and time with Him too. :)

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

I wish I could say that this is a discipline that I have, but it is one I will continually strive towards, and when I fail, I will continue to work to making it a daily habit. I have really lost track of that time the last few months. Regardless of what my justifiable excuses might be, I know that my heart has been aimless when I am not submerged in his word and truth. I want HIM to be the author of my faith as well.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Tiffany said...

I am so grateful for my quiet times. With a lit candle, a cup of something warm to drink and nature sounds all around, sitting outside in the early morning sun is my favorite! A couple days ago the pollen was falling so heavily I still have grittiness in my Bible! And I probably was immunized against pollen allergies for the rest of my life with all of it that fell in and I drank in my tea!

Yes, my days are definitely brighter when I begin with a purposeful effort toward Him.

I love your wreath poem. ;)

Jenny said...

I notice that when I have been in the Word, I sleep better, too!

I also noticed that when my 7 year old reads, she is more pleasant and obedient.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Right on, girl!

I love the idea of praying with my Bible open.

The Everett Family said...

In my teens and twenties I did not have a consistent Bible reading time. I felt that I should be reading my Bible daily and would frequently start a plan but it wouldn't last more than a few weeks. A couple of years ago I started reading a chapter a day. I am thankful and somewhat proud of myself that I am starting each day reading from the Word. There are additional things I would like to incorporate (more prayer and memorization). I am proud of my consistency and know that it is imparting more of Him into my day!

MomB said...

So beautifully expressed. I am afraid that my number 1 thought is can I get to the bathroom in time. Then I often get to the next unimportant activity and often haven't greeted God at all. All that you said is terribly important. Why don't I do what I know is best for me?

Amanda P said...

I'm going to quote your little brain-chain at the beginning, if it's okay. I'm teaching at the women's retreat like your sister. :) Is that ok?

Amanda P said...

PS~ I'll absolutely give you credit! Well, "Jenny's sister"...

Molly W. said...

I don't even come close to reading my Bible every day. Sigh. I loved this post and the way you so clearly articulated the benefits from doing so. I need to be better, thanks for the reminder.