Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another FIRST - sort of.

My six year old Yolanta lost her first tooth!
Well, since she's been home, that is.
Hip Hip Hooray!

This is actually her 5th lost tooth, but the first one that we got to experience with her so it was pretty fun and special for us all!

My heart was saddened when I saw her come in to the orphanage at 4 years old and then pictures started coming in over the next couple of years and her teeth were falling out.
Milestones going by without me.

Here is a picture I received from the orphanage one day with her cute little front tooth missing.

I love this crazy picture because she's obviously so proud of that missing tooth and she's doing everything in her smiling ability to show it off!

And here's another picture I received a while later with her two top teeth missing. Wish her eyes were open, but there's no denying she's awfully gummy.

Here she is holding up her tooth and smiling in such a way to show it's her upper left tooth (next to her big tooth). So cute and so proud.

Yes, the tooth fairy comes to our house which was totally new and fun for Yolanta. She'd never heard of the Tooth Fairy!

Under her pillow, well actually sitting NEXT to her pillow, was a little stuffed animal and a box of bulbs to plant in the back yard.

It will be fun to see those purple flowers come up and be reminded of that fun day when she lost her tooth. Even though it's not, it feels like its the first tooth she's ever lost because it's the first one I've saved.

I love you, baby! Stop growing up. I've already missed so much of your life and the rest is going by too quickly! But okay. You can grow up. I'll let you. :)

Here's just a super cute picture of Amy and Yolanta enjoying math homework and a pretty red ribbon and lots of sisterly love.


Anonymous said...

I love the first picture of the toothless, cheesy grin. What a face! :)

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

I imagine all of your daughters feel so special, you are so good at that!

I really love the sisters picture... and the fro is awesome with a ribbon!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness she's SO adorable! I love the toothless grin. :)

Jenny said...

I always tear up at teeth falling out.

Amy Cate said...

ohmigoodness, that last pic is SO beautiful! That is one for the ages - I can see it framed in Amy's medical college dorm and Yolanta's backstage dressing room (right before her concert). [Okay I don't know their callings, just what popped into my head.] Love to you and your family.

Kismet said...

I am teary and grinning both! What a fabulous mommy to treat this event with such loving celebration! She will always remember it.
You are an engaged and present mommy. You were made for this job.

I love your mother heart.



The Everett Family said...

I am sure she will remember losing this tooth more than any other previous one! Sweet memories for such an adorable girl.

SuperDave said...

I think I am Yolanta's biological grampa. We have the same hair. I have pix to prove it. Birth certificates? We don't need no stinking birth certificates!

Julie said...

Oh, your girls look so happy!

David was 5 months old when we got his referral and had a head full of hair. When I got a photo of him with his first haircut, I cried for 2 days. I didn't even get to save a lock of his baby hair.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

She is so beautiful (all your girls are, actually) and she is just BEAMING. I love that picture of her holding her most recent lost tooth! And I love that you got to introduce her to the tooth fairy. Your tooth fairy leaves awesome gifts. I think that bulb idea is fantastic!

Blessing to you on this Palm Sunday. Hosanna!

The Haiti Lady said...

I LOVE the little things that we find so amazing..the first lost tooth (for US), the idea of the tooth fairy for them...the amazement that it all brings!
LeAnne The Haiti Lady

Grandma B. said...

I am so proud, too. Neat fairy gifts. Her daddy got only coins.

Molly W. said...

Ah, so fun!! Esp love that last pic! So glad Yolanta is home.

Tiffany said...

Events that mark the passing of time/rites of passage are so important to commemorate. Even the Israelites did it!

The 7 year old son of one of my friends recently lost a tooth. He waited until he was in bed and didn't tell his mom because he wanted to see if the Tooth Fairy was real. Stinkers that grow up too fast.

Y's hair is growing! It looks adorable.