Friday, March 27, 2009

Sensing my Daughters

I'm currently on the shores of the Oregon coast enjoying the grandeur of the ocean.

I love the ocean and can appreciate it with all five senses God gave me.

That led me to think of my children and how I appreciate them, too, with all five senses.

{I jotted down my thoughts under each category with the anticipation of going back through and formulating better paragraphs and correct sentence structures and helping you, my blog reader, to create a better scene description in your mind. But I've decided to leave the incomplete sentences and random wording as-is for this is a true mental note of my thoughts. I like it better this way.}


When my daughters are falling all over each other and their fingers are intertwined and arms are wrapped around each others necks; the dark skin contrasting with the light skin is so beautiful. Sneaking in on them in the middle of the night and noting the relaxed brows and jaws and taking in the innocence of their beings. Looking at a picture of my entire family, amazed at how obvious we're not 'natural' but feeling natural nonetheless.


When my daughters call my name and the word Mama is ringing through the house. When two of my daughters are learning English and their Haitian accents are mixed with American phrases mixed with youthful understanding of sentence structure. When my oldest and biological daughter sings harmony at the piano with her father. When all three of my girls are laughing at their father who's doing a funny dance in the kitchen pretending he doesn't know he's on display.


When my children are done playing soccer and gymnastics and hip-hop and afterwords I kiss their foreheads and am met with salty skin.


Moisturizing my ethnic daughters from head to toe with healing herbs and fragrant oils. The new smells of oils and hair, lotion and skin, coconut and body. Then there's my firstborn who's clothes and blankets and skin and hair and breath flood my nostrils and jog my memories of 7 years ago when she was an infant.


Laying in bed with three little girls all vying for a piece of my body to rest their arms, legs, heads; to be touching as much of me as they can. Feeling the weight of bony bottoms on my lap. Caressing the faces of multiple children throughout the day and noting the different bone structures in each. Rubbing lotion on every inch of their bodies. Reaching back in the car while I'm driving and holding the hand of a girl. Any girl.

Thank you, Lord, for the five senses you've given me. I do not take for granted that not one of them has been impaired.


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Just Be Real said...

How very interesting taking everything in with your five senses! Sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing! Blessings!

Kelli said...

Your descriptions gave me goose bumps! WOW! You are amazing Julie!

Molly W. said...

Precious. I'm pretty sure you were born to be a mom.

elizabeth embracing life said...

How sweet to think of the precious ways we are blessed. I could not help but also reflect on my own children. Thanks. BTWay this is Elizabeth. You must come, visit, and play again soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with Molly!
Rachel :)

Angie said...

Wow, what a beautiful tribute to your girls and to the One who gave you those senses! I love that. I think I might have to do it myself... I need something right now to give me a boost and make me appreciate my kids in a new way. Thanks for that!