Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maid Marian. Or cupid since it's almost Valentine's Day.

The big girls take an Archery class on Tuesday's and here are a few pictures of today.
We've rounded up a few other homeschooled kids and created our own class.
You see that little Meez character on my sidebar? Well she (me) is supposed to be shooting the arrow and it flies off and then hits her (me) in the rear...she then takes it out and shoots it again.
But the Meez Nation website has a glitch where it only allows a few seconds of each animation and it dorkily chose THESE seconds. The seconds where she is taking the arrow out of my fanny! Why didn't it show the seconds where I'm poised ready to shoot the arrow?
Oh well. It's a free program.

Amy poised and ready.

Oh yeah, baby! Bulls-eye!

Yolanta, poised and ready.

Uh-huh! Bulls-eye!

Katie. Just being cute. She's a little too little to practice.

My nephew...who ALSO got a bulls-eye! (sorry, don't have picture of it, but trust me. He did)

Me. I did NOT get a bulls-eye. I barely got the target. I think 2 of my arrows hit the hay that the target was on, but not the actual target.

The other arrow hit the white part of the target. You know, the part that doesn't get you any points. Or the part that wouldn't kill Bambi if I were to be that type of person.

But admittedly, I haven't been taking lessons like the kids have. This was the first time in my life ever shooting.

Perhaps the Meez character isn't too far off of how it would be like if I really did go out in the woods and try to shoot a bow and arrow. It would come back and hit me in the rear.


Blessed Mama of 4 said...

oh my! that is a funny animation - thanks for keeping it even though it isn't working right. We got a good laugh out of it!

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

Your daughters are so beautiful. I love that they take on these strong tasks with such stride. No one will ever stand in their way. They are on their way to becoming awesome women of God. Of course, they have an incredible example in their mother.

Kismet said...

That Meez cracked me up because I looked at it before reading the post and thought, "Why is she scratching her b**t with that?" hahaha, now I know.

Those are lovely pictures of lovely girls (and boy). Proud Mama got pics of their bulls eyes. good job.



Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Oh those are great pictures ans the meez thing cracks me up. I have severely hypermobile (double jointed) arms, and could never shoot a bow).

Anonymous said...

Oh, you may not have gotten a bulls-eye, but you look like your technique is flawless.

I am a terrible shot -- at everything. When I was in the Army, My ex-husband used to meet me at the rifle range whenever I had to qualify with a weapon and tell me what target was ready to pop-up so I could be ready for it. It still took me more than once to hit enough targets to be considered "proficient."

The girls look great!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are other eye dominate?? I always assumed that I was right eye dominate. Never hit a target until somebody told me to shut my right eye and aim with my left...Just a thought!

SuperDave said...

I enjoyed watching the girls shoot. It's a different class than the one the boy and I shoot in. All strangers.

Amanda P said...

Your little anima-girl looks like she's just scrathin'. :)

Cute girlies!

Tiffany said...

HAHA, hehee. You are so funny.

I love that girls can do fun things too, even if boys stereotypically get to do some of them.

Seriously. Can anima get pinworms? Scratching with both a machete and an arrow is pretty severe:)

Amy Whalen said...

ohmiword, that cartoon is hilarious.

Jenny said...

I LOVE archery!
You look so thin in your real life shot and that "meez" is a CRACK up!

Anonymous said...

In archery in H.S. phys ed, I am not sure which embarrassed me more -- bouncing the arrow off the straw or missing it altogether! MomB

Anonymous said...

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