Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Valentine's Day

We are still enjoying "The First" of lots of things around here and Valentine's Day '09 was super fun.

The new girls really had no idea what V-Day was, but they were enamored with all the hearts and roses and pink things they've been seeing at the stores for the past month or so.

I did my best to explain it, but I gotta admit, I went the "love day" route more than St. Valentine route. I'm so commercial!

We spent hours cutting out hearts and mailing cards out to cousins and using glue and glitter...whoa boy. Messy. :)

They have the best dad in the whole world who lined up flowers and chocolates for his 4 girls. I grew up with 2 sisters so the three of us and mom all got flowers and candy every year. Dad would line them up on the piano bench or the coffee table and had a special card for us. Man those are some awesome memories. Now we're creating the same ones for these girlies!

We then spent the rest of the Saturday up on the Mountain for inner-tubing!

I don't have very many pictures of our time on the Mountain because the camera died soon after we got there. Shoot!

Having/Making fond childhood memories is so important to me. Every day I think "Gasp! This could be a memory they never forget!"

Or, "I hope this is a memory they will treasure forever."

I have tons and tons of happy memories and remember my childhood as "Happy".

We didn't even have a lot of money but I'm quickly learning now that I'm a grown up, that one doesn't need money to be happy. It's the people. It's family. It's the traditions that are set. The smiles and songs that pass the day.

These homemade cards made by their father will be kept forever. Aren't they out of this world the cutest most special things you have ever seen!?

Here is Amy playing the piano and riding a horse.

Here is mine. Kissing!

Here is Katie's holding balloons.
Here is Yolanta's shooting archery and playing soccer.

Amy after a slide!

Yolanta having just finished a slide.
All you need is love.


Anonymous said...

I didn't try to explain the day. But, David got the gist. Valentine's Day is to eat chocolate!

I was reading a friends blog. Her daughter and son both have fetal alcohol syndrome and each have a personal care attendant for 4-hours a day. The PCA's (both college students) did Valentine crafts with the kids. And, she asked if the glitter was okay -- explaining, "It's kind of the herpes of the craft store."

Only a college student could come up with such a metaphor. But, it made me chuckle ~

SuperDave said...

Inrtubing looks fun!
Love Mason

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

I think your love day memories, past and currently created are an absolute treasure and wonderful gift for your daughters. There is no doubt to anyone or to them that they are so well loved. What a blessing you are as parents.

Amy Whalen said...

Super sweet!

Tiffany said...

I bet those cards are in a special box or a scrapbook!How precious!

Molly W. said...

Ah, how special! What a great way to celebrate the day.

The Haiti Lady said...

The cards are absolutely sweet! I might begin to think there is a soft side to David and the girls have him wrapped a little around their fingers..hehe