Friday, January 2, 2009

Maybe it's a New Year's Resolution

My husband and I had an early morning conversation today about finances.

We are so proud of ourselves for having stayed wwwaaayyyy under what we usually spend at this time of year. Yay us!

There were presents galore yet we spent probably 1/4th of what we normally spend in the month of December. Christmas, My birthday Friends, Cards, Dinners, Parties, Clothes.... our focus just really wasn't on spending. And we enjoyed Christmas extra especially this year!


Starting a company, having more kids in the home, having debt, becoming wiser, learning much, we know we still need to watch what how we spend every.single.penny.

So we chatted this morning about ways to save, areas to improve, creative solutions and alternatives to spending, and budgeting.

I suspect many couples had this conversation today.
And then I read this blog (Life at 7000 Feet) and my suspicions were confirmed!

She's focusing on the month of January and I think it's a splendid idea.

She and I also share an addiction to Starbucks which will be hard to curb. But I know I can do it. Well, I'm pretty sure I can do it. Maybe.

Anyone else have this conversation today? Changing the way you spend this month? This year? Anyone else wanna give me a Starbucks gift card? Thanks Angela and Christa!


The Everett Family said...

Today, I got a coupon at Starbucks for a FREE drink- their new Tazo tea latte - coming out soon. And if you come after 2pm the new tea drinks are $2.00. So although you are wisely cutting back you can still enjoy and save a few pennies!

SuperDave said...

Can you live without water? Can you live without air? Can you live without food? Can you live without "coffee"? Same answer to all. You can exist, but is that living? If you truly need a pair of shoes, or need to replace a lamp, don't. Sit in the dark at home and drink good coffee.
Your friend,
Jim Alling

Kismet said...

I gave up Starbucks years ago and started patronizing local coffee shops. I feel better about my money staying in the community. But actually, I pretty much gave up going out for coffee altogether.

Congratulations on your savings. Doesn't it feel good? You know what made me feel good today? For some unknown reason I had an extra $100 on my paycheck and I can't figure out why!
But I'll take it...every little bit helps, esp on part time status.

Happy budgeting.


East<3West said...

We had the same problem w/ Dunkin Donuts--We were spendin $6 every morning on coffee! So, what we did you may ask?!? Went to BJ's and bought travel cups/lids and a few pounds of DD coffee to make at home--essentially we went from about $180 a month to about $40!!

christa jean said...

It's such a good feeling to know that I am helping to support your Starbucks habit ;-D

Brigit said...

Just popped over from But I Had A Tiara. I would highly recommend checking out Dave Ramsey. My husband took his classes this fall and have totally changed the way we look at money. You can find him at

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You can do it!!!

I wish I'd thought to shamelessly ask/beg for Starbucks cards!