Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brady Stars

Great ideas, everyone! Thanks so much for the support on my Brady Quest.

I went with Kismet's idea and DVR'd the show that came on at 5:00 this morning. I will give you one star because even though it's free, it's not online.

There were back to back episodes!
The first one was when Greg and Marcia were both running for student body president.
The second one was when Bobby decided to run away because he was afraid his new step-mom would be like the one in Cinderella.

I was relieved that the first two shows my girls saw were when they Brady kids were young. Those are the better episodes for kids, I think.
Another reason I wanted them online: to pick which episodes to watch.

SuperDave suggested the library and demanded stars. That's not online, Super. But thanks for the 'free' aspect of my request. I will give you one star.

Molly, I did check Ebay but they were all just a bit more than I wanted to spend.

Christa, I did check Hulu but they didn't have The Brady Bunch. Tons of other shows though!

Blessed Moma of 4, I don't think I want the Christmas one right now, but after my girls start to gain an appreciation for the show (which I know they will) I'll probably take it from you!

Tiffany, your comment made me laugh out loud!! For real. And for more than one obvious reason, of course!

The G's, I did put them on my Netflix account, but after I DVR'd it, I went in and removed them. I'd rather have my girls watch it recorded at whatever time we want than have my husband give me funky looks when he opens the mail and finds The Brady Bunch over and over again. But I almost did this!

I think I will actually give Kismet 1 and a half stars because it was the option I went with that I quite frankly didn't even think of.

Thanks again everyone!


ames said...

What an awesome blogger to actually make a blog about giving people the stars...with cute pictures of stars. :D
*** stars for you!

Kismet said...

Woo hoo! I won!!

You like me, you really like me! (name that actress).

Glad I could help. I loved the BB also.


Cathy said...

I'm a little late (and not really in it for the stars:)) but I thought if you haven't tried you should. That's where I've bought a lot of books (for super cheap) and they have movies as well. It's a branch off from ebay but you won't find the listings if you search on ebay only.
Loved that show, btw.