Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wonderfully Wasted Opportunity

My mother took the kids today. ALL DAY.
10:30 in the morning til 6:30 at night.

They did all the things girls do with their grandma at Christmas time: made cookies, decorated gingerbread men, built gingerbread houses, made crafts, ate chocolate for lunch...


I am generally a fairly organized woman.
I'm not a sinfully procrastinating woman.

However, this year, this Christmas, this December 13th, I still have just about every single line on my Christmas shopping list BLANK. Including the three major ones: My Daughters.

That's right folks, we have under 2 weeks till Christmas, it's the Christmas I've been waiting for for two years now that the girls are home, and I have not bought them anything yet. GASP!

And we've been trying to keep in mind the same things House of Homer is so beautifully blogging about: instilling a joy of christmas giving, not getting, while still delighting in the magic that is Christmas.

So today was the day. Grammy has the kids all day and it's Saturday. My husband and I were to bundle up, grab the list, go downtown Portland and get the list alllllll checked off.

Why is it that we came home at the end of a long day with a bottle of wine for ourselves, 2 bags of peppermint bark for ourselves, and a list no more complete than when we left?

I think it's because we were enjoying each other's company soooo much that we were not staying focused on the important task at hand.

We laughed, we roamed the streets of Portland looking at all the Christmas lights, we laughed, we branched out and ate lunch at a Lebanese restaurant, we talked and talked and talked and laughed and not once did we take anyone potty.

We've forgotten what time spent together without kids is like. It's only been 5 months since the girls have been home so we haven't done the whole babysitter thing yet. And when we do leave the girls with Grammy, it's usually for only 2 hours.

But today was the day. It was a loooooong day away from them and they did GREAT. It helps that they have such an awesome relationship with their grandmother. After all, she even came to Haiti with us when we picked them up. Thank you, Mom!

The important task of Christmas shopping was wasted because the more important task of reconnecting with each other eclipsed it.
I'm glad it did.


Kismet said...

Mmmmm, peppermint bark!

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday. That is important work.


Molly W. said...

It sounds like what was really needed got done! I'm glad you two had the whole day. The shopping will get always does somehow. :)

christa jean said...

I'm glad it did also.

We sometimes (okay, I oftentimes) forget that the very bestest gift we can give our children is a happy, healthy marriage.

I'm thinking I need to plan a day like this for hubba and I too.

Um, Julie's Mom? What are you doing next Saturday? ;-D

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

How sweet! I'm so glad for you two, how wonderful. And I'm sure that those empty lines on your list will fill in the right way, one way or another.

Thank God you can shop online and alot of places are willing to give you free shipping. Regardless of how you are going about finishing that list, I'm sure that you'll have peace in your heart because you are focused on the important things, not the things of this world. What a beautifully, wonderful - absolutely fabulous - Christmas it will be in the Penn home this year!

SuperDave said...

Remember, you're are a gramma in traing. It's as short step. Sooner than you think.

SuperDave said...

Let's try again...

Remember you're a Gramma in training. It's a short step. Sooner than you think.

Wow! That was hard...

ames said...

such a cool post! i love it! yay for you and hubby.

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