Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Proud Reader, Proud Mommy

Be prepared to be wowed. I mean really brace yourself.

I've attached a video of my 6 year old daughter (or 20 if you ask her) reading a book!

Okay, keep in mind that when she got here this summer she spoke zero English. Well, I think she could count to 5 and say Thank You. But that's it!

And now my precious little girl is reading...in English...and comprehending what she's reading!

She showed signs of readiness early on, so I suspect she was picking up the concept at the orphanage.

I'm not sure how she was taught by her teacher so when I began teaching her, I started with the basics. It was the right move because learning to read Creole and learning to read English, I think, are very different.

She knew the sounds of the letters, though she didn't necessarily know how to say the NAME of the letter. She knew the sound of the letter 'W' but didn't know how to say 'double-u'.

(In the video she mixes up the letter 'C' for 'S').

The vowels were tricky (still are) as they are all pronounced differently in Creole (and French) and even sound different than they do in English.

So once we got all the names and sounds of the letters worked out, we moved on with the blends:
Ch, Sh, Th, Ph

Then she started sounding out words and before I could say Bob's-My-Uncle (which he really is), she was reading!

I'm so proud of her and am blessed that she has a teachable spirit, a desire to learn and a willingness to try. What did I do to deserve all three of these girls!?

A few things about this 4 minute video:
1. I forgot to have her spit out her gum. A little annoying in this video considering it is all about listening to her mouth.
2. I video taped this on December 30th, not the 29th. But you know me, I'm a fibber.
3. The title of the book is not called "The Pink TuTu" as Yolanta suggests. It's actually called "All Tutu's Should be Pink". You'll hear my skepticism in the video.

4. When I tilted my camera she went straight up and down for me, but on the video, she stays crooked. Sorry. But don't worry, it's only a few seconds of head-tilting.

5. The tutu she is wearing was handmade by my very talented sister-in-law!
6. Yay Yolanta!
{Insert Video Here}
Shoot! After that huge long post, Blogger is being Bratty and won't let me upload the video! I've been trying since 8:00 last night. So I'm going to just post this anyway and as soon as it starts behaving, I'll put up the video and let you know.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your video. I will keep this post new until blogger is cooperating.

Beverly was learning her letters fast and furious when she first got here. She knows all the lower case letters and the sounds they make. I didn't have any intention of teaching the letter's name until I taught uppercase. She can write about half of the lower case letters. Then she announced to me one day she was finished learning "Ang-glish." She hasn't cooperated since. She just turned 5 in September so I am not flipping out or anything.

You can show Yolanta and Katie their friend Beverly's Christmas. I put it on video, uploaded it to YouTube and then never blogged it. Many of my readers are Messianic Christians or have decided not to celebrate Christmas. I haven't been feeling up to dealing with anything negative that might come up by posting it. It would be nice if I could truthfully say that I didn't want my brother to stumble. In truth, I am a chicken.


The G's said...

As a teacher this is music to my ears! I am so happy for her success!

SuperDave said...

I think you should rename her Yea-lonta.