Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jesus, Lord at Thy Birth

Someone posted about loving her daughter and it made me emotional. For I love mine with equal gut-wrenching roof-top shouting intensity.
It made me emotional.
Then someone else posted about an adoption.
They had this picture on the sidebar and had Silent Night playing in the background.

It brought me to tears.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

In His goodness he chose to make us his own children by giving us his true word. And we, out of all creation, became his choice possession. James 1:8


Tiffany said...

I, too, struggle with words to describe my love for my kids. And when it comes to the miracle of adoption, well, I may as well not even try!

I love it when something so closely resembles my own heart that it moves me to tears.

Brenna said...

I'm blessed by your post, Jules. There isn't a word yet uttered to describe my love for my child. And at times it's a literal, physical ache it's so intense. How blessed are we that God gave us the privilege of motherhood. xoxoxo

SuperDave said...

Now you almost know how I feel about my girls. I've had more time to love and the intensity doesn't diminish with time, it grows. I also have adopted a few over the years, Claire, Kirsten, Jen powers, and my two newest, Angela and Tiffany.