Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fibbing is a cute way of saying LYING

So I'm a big fat fibber.
I pumped you all up with dreams of posting alllll the time this merry month of December and I've only posted a total of FIVE time and it's already the 17th.

Well guess what, December is a busy month!
Who knew?

Some of you may be wondering if I've filled in the blanks on my Christmas gift list.
Yes, I have! You were right. It magically gets done.

We took the girls out with us one late afternoon/evening and checked just about every single box left to buy.
We sometimes had to do some trickery to sneak something under my coat in the cart.

"Look girls, I think Gabriella from High School Musical is over there! Oh, it wasn't her? Sorry. Okay, let's go down this isle now. "

All my cards are out.
My shopping list is 98% done.
My grocery shopping is 98% done.

What's left: Wrapping and cooking.
Though we have plans to go to my Aunt's house on EVE and my In-law's house on DAY, we may very well be actually snowed in. It's gorgeous here in the Pacific NW right now. Storms galore.

My kids don't know that most kids are getting a three week Christmas break due to the snow. We still have school over here at our house. But, my kids' school is over in about 2 hours anyway, so it's not like they're missing out on snow days!

Oh, this year will be extra fun (of course). My two newest still believe in Santa Clause. I mean, like REALLY believe in Santa. We got to go to the Costco Employee party and shop after hours (NO LINES) and sit on Santa's lap. When I made a phone call in the car on the way to Costco that night, Yolanta asked

"Mom, were you talking to Santa?"

Another from her:

"Mom, is Santa going to come to our house?
"Yes he is!" I say. (fibber)
"Oh, good! I hope he'll play hide-and-seek with us!"

The magic of believing.


Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

Fun! I like magic.

I had a sneaky moment at the check-out today. Luckly the cashier was sly and all is well hidden.

I know you took the girls out shopping. You pocket diled us. I was excited to see it was you calling, but soon realized that it was your pocket. It was funny and my eldest got a kick out of it. Don't worry, we didn't hear any fibbing or gift secrets!

Merry Christmas!

Molly W. said...

oh well, they are just little fibs right? :)

SuperDave said...

You first have to ask who Santa is? What is the purpose of Santa? The answer is both parents bringing surprise gifts. So you are Santa and you were there that nite. No lie, fib erased. Believe on...