Monday, December 8, 2008

A different kind of party

The neighborhood where we live is fairly new.

When we bought our first house just one mile away from here, this current neighborhood was a big'ol field of nothingness. Not especially lovely, but not a dump, either. Just a ratty field with a broken down barn.

Then 'they' came and bulldozed it and started zoning and housify-ing the place.
We scooped up the bigger corner lot and had a house built on it.

I really like our home and anticipate staying here until we're ready to build the dream house out in the country.

Anyway, funny thing: every single neighbor on my side of the street is Caucasian.
Every single neighbor on the opposite side of the street is Asian.
Actually, one Caucasian neighbor on this side moved out and an Asian family moved in.

I really don't think it was in anyway intentional on anyones part. I mean, really, how could that be? The lots went up for sale, the houses went up for sale...luck of the draw, it has to be.

Asian families tend to live together generationally. There also tends to be visitors galore. I am constantly witnessing many comings and goings across the street.

On Saturday late afternoon early evening, the street was jam packed with cars. TONS of them. Lined the whole street both sides. We figured a Christmas party of some kind. But then the next day, Sunday, same thing. We squeezed our car in just to get to our driveway. And from the corner of their house I could see a big tented canopy type thing erected over their back deck. Completely sealed in with walls and everything (didn't get a picture of it, sorry).

A weekend Christmas party?
There was no loud music.
There were no obnoxious yelling late at night.
No thudding of car doors seemingly lasting forever.

Today is Monday. And I saw this truck. The side of it says Care Medical Equipment.

And I saw a man in scrubs take from the house a mattress. A guard rail. A special toilet. A walker.

I remember now seeing a wheelchair bound grandma being wheeled in and out every now and then. I had no idea she was ailing.

Generational living has the blessing of already being together when someone you love passes away. And whomever this grandma was, she was obviously loved by many people.

I'm glad I didn't have negative thoughts about all the cars this weekend.

I would have offered my driveway had I known.

(And because today is the day, Happy 16th Birthday to my cousin Zoe!)


Jenny said...

I love family. Close up and far away.

(Zoe is 16 now! Can you even believe it?!

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

Isn't it interesting that with our current American culture, we miss out on so much of the intense reality that comes with multi-generational living... child-rearing advice in the midst of it, from those who reared you as a child... up to the point where illness and death becomes a part of every day life. But instead our culture allows us to sterilize ourselves from these things. I'm not sure that I'd want the multi-generational life, maybe I would... but I do find it interesting.

Kismet said...

I believe fully in generational living. I tried to get my father to live with us when he was ailing and he refused. But he didn't go into a home either. We spent a lot of time trekking back and forth to care for him, but that is the way he wanted it. I fully intend to have my mother in law in our home at some future date and I am actually looking forward to it. There was a time when the thought of that was abhorant to me, but with age comes wisdom (and courage) and I know now that I can welcome her and care for her.

I also intend to live with one of my daughters at some future date. Well, actually I'll probably die before my husband so I guess HE will be the one living with our daughter.

I think families that live close (not necessarily geographically but metaphorically)learn from each other. I think the elders are more respected and the 'children' are seen as more capable.

My lil rant o the day :)


P.S. a lil bird told me Z is 15

Tiffany said...

I had to make my way around that CARE truck delivering things on Friday. I took note that someone old or ailing was there. I didn't know if it was an old person or someone recovering from an accident or ???

My uncle used to be a driver/delivery person for that kind of company. He said often he was the only visitor the family inside received. Wow. Can you imagine being house bound, or bed bound, or near death and only having a delivery person to visit you? It's that way quite often with Meals On Wheels too. What a ministry of their own kind!

Molly W. said...

wow, very sad. i'm glad she had so many family members around to say goodbye.

SuperDave said...

Happy and sad at the same time. I miss my Dad.

Kismet said...


A different lil bird told me Z'man IS really 16! How in the world did that happen?