Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brother Benjamin at the Oregon Zoo Lights

The girls have a little brother named Benjamin who lives just a couple of miles from us. I know, how miraculous is that!? I'd say so.
We keep in touch with them seeing as how his parents are two of the coolest people on the planet anyway. They agree with us that it's mightily important to keep the kids in each others lives. Hallelujah!

I uploaded a ton of pictures of our time with him and his family at the Oregon Zoo for the Zoo Lights celebration.

Amy and Benjamin

Yolanta and Benjamin

Katie and Benjamin

Amy and McKenzie (Benjamin's sister)

Me and Katie (And there's Benjamin's daddy)

Amy, Husband, Yolanta, Katie and Megan (Benjamin's other sister)

Pretty trees at the zoo. These are Purple and Teal. The very colors of my wedding. Hey, it was 1994. What can I say?

Me and Benjamin's mommy. Isn't she gorgeous?

McKenzie and Amy having fun.

All of them together. Benjamin, look this way!

The train that we rode. Way fun!

Amy, Benjamin and McKenzie trying to pet a goat.

Me and mine.

We love you, Brother!


christa jean said...

Just looking at you guys gets me shivering!

But the love in your hearts kept you warm... tee hee, corny, I know!

I said I wouldn't go to the Zoo Lights unless someone wheeled me around in a wheel chair ;-D

Kismet said...

Um, I want to talk to David about that hat!

I think it is awesome that you keep the girls in touch with their brother.


Tiffany said...

So adorable. Makes me want to go find another one of their siblings so I can be part of that too!

Our wedding colors were purple and navy (with silver). I am sure that is the color of the Zoolights, not teal.

Is that a Broncos bonnet?

Jenny said...

Oh how fun. I don't ever recall going to the zoolights. It looks like a nice tradition.

I haven't seen Benjamin since the girls got home. He's still cute.

Molly W. said...

I love that the girls still get to see their brother! Very cool.

Amanda P said...

That's just amazing, that Benjamin is so close, what a dream for the kids! I'm glad for them, so glad. Way to go, Julie!

Will you pray for us as we begin our exploration of foster/adopt- going step-by-step with God to see if it's in His plan for us? (Oh, and shhhh...)

Anonymous said...


I always advocate for open adoption just so that kids get to know who they are related to. I think it is so very important.

Christmas is one of the times I miss living closer to a city with things available. There isn't much in my little town except about 4 blocks of main street that is done up quite nicely.

SuperDave said...

Fun stuff!!!