Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yay 4 & Poo 100

We had our 4 month post-adoption placement interview tonight.

We passed the test.
Okay, it wasn't really a test. But it sorta felt like it.
Are we rreeeeeaaaalllly good enough parents to adopt?

It wasn't as stressful as the PRE-adoption home-study. Man oh man I had sweaty palms and a knot in my stomach for weeks leading up to that one (you first time adopters getting ready to have the homestudy: relax. It's not that bad.)

The interviewer tonight was a real sweet lady in her 50's who has adopted 8 kids. Did you hear me? EIGHT.
5 from Kazakhstan and 3 from Guatemala.

I was a little nervous, but I knew it would be a piece of cake (mm cake sounds good).
Small world, she goes to the same church my husband and I used to attend before we had Amy and we know some of the same people!

Here are some of the questions she asked:
  • How are the girls adjusting?
  • How is Amy handling things?
  • How's the bonding?
  • Any behavioural issues?
  • How's schooling?
  • How's their health?
  • How do you pronounce Quetelene?

We had answers to all these questions, of course, and I actually think we over-talked. Words just kept coming and she was trying to move on to the next question.

But wait! I want to tell you all my emotions and feelings that go along with all of these answers!

So, it was a breeze and "they" just wanted to confirm that we haven't sold the children by now, or turned them into zombies or having thoughts of sending them back.

We're all good, so they're all good. Phew!

In other blog news, this is my 100th post of all time.

Transforme recently had her 100th post and did a fabulous contest give-away. Except that I didn't win.

House of Homer realized that she recently had her 100th post but didn't notice till it was a couple posts too late.

And Kismet just blogged about how she's been blogging for 5 years.
She asks her readers the question: What got you started in blogging?

It's a great question and I encourage you to jet over there and give her an answer. I actually haven't left a comment yet because it almost seems like too in-depth of a question to just give a simple commenty response. So here I am telling you that I can't do it, but that you should.

She's doing the post-every-day-for-the-month-of-November crazy thing so you may have to scroll down if you don't go check her out right now.

Anyway, I have been thinking for quite a while of what to do for my 100th post.

But I couldn't come up with an.y.thing.

So, this is it.
Yay, me.
100 posts.
But this is a crummy way to post about it. You know...two thoughts in one. No give-away. No contest. No cool picture.

Oh well. I'll live. Maybe #200 will Absolutely Fabulous!


Blessed Mama of 4 said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I think that's a great 100th post!

All this time spend praying, hoping, filling out paper work, getting finger printed - AGAIN, to get to the place where you have a "post adoption interview"... What a great centennial!

Congratulations, and praise GOD!

Kismet said...

Congratulations on your post adoption! I am sure they knew all along that you'd be the best parents for the girls.

And congratulations on your 100th post! Wow that went fast didn't it? Don't worry about bells and whistles, just enjoy the blogging. We like reading what you have to say :)


SuperDave said...

100th post? Potential contest? Prizes? Adoption interview? coincidence? I wonder...

Molly W. said...

Happy 100th post! Glad the "interview" went well! Of course it two are amazing parents!

christa jean said...

Maybe you could do something AbFab for your 1 year Blogbirthday when that comes around!
I wish I could have given each of my readers a prize for continuing to read. Not sure what keeps them coming back!

But, you know we love you too, because we keep coming back here.