Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trials over Tresses

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Doing the girls' hair is challenging for me.

My biological daughter has very fine, slippery hair. Though she has a lot of it, it's slippery and fine. I know, I just said the same thing twice.

French braiding has never been something I could do. I've been shown how to do it a thousand times. People have air-braided an invisible child in front of me verbally explaining how to grab a little extra hair each time.

I still can't do it.
My mother can't do it so my sisters and I only had our hair in french braids if some floating female happen to pass by our heads.

And it doesn't stop at french braiding. I'm fairly unskilled when it comes to up-do's in general unless you count those farm animal ones (you know, pony tail and pig tails).

When my Haitian daughters came home from the orphanage 4 months ago (oh my word. Has it really been 4 months?) they had severe cradle cap, itchy scalps, open sores, a fungus, and just a general unhealthiness on the head. Poor babies. I put them on antibiotics to help rid them of any live bacteria and started applying oils and moisturizers galore.

Their scalps are healing beautifully and their hair is starting to shine and become more life-like. However, no matter how much grease I put on my hands, it does not magically turn me into a skilled hair dresser.

Cherie, Angela and Tiffany, thank you for your golden touch.

I found this great Christian gal on Craig's List who was willing to have me over to her house and braid the girls' hair. Hair is such an important part of the black culture. African-American and Haitian-American women take pride in their hair and I don't want my children suffering from ugly hair because I don't know how to do it.

My white daughter's hair is easier to get by with because a wash-and-go looks cute on her. But my black daughters do not have wash-and-go hair.

They have wash and spend-the-next-4-hours-sitting-in-one-spot! hair.

I can do a few quick and simple hair do's.
My friends can help me.
The girls and I can learn through websites and books (I have both!)

And every now and then we can splurge on a professional to give them something that makes them look deliciously beautiful and proud to have such ethnically wonderful hair!

Here is Mrs. Craig's List blow-drying Katie's hair after a wash and organic relaxer put in.

Tree Braiding Yolanta's hair.

Yolanta looking older and stunning.

Katie looking cuter than cute that brings a tear to my eye.

Not to be forgotten is dear little Amy.
Looks the same in this picture, right? Just you wait!

Ta-da! My cute little non-island born but now island looking daughter.



Anonymous said...

I noticed their hair in Kimmie's apple pie bake pictures, I think it looks adorable on them!

Kismet said...

They all 3 look adorable!!

Good job recognizing the need for their hair to look it's best at all times.



Jenny Kay said...

Ooo I have such a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Beverly to wake up so I can show her pictures of her friends from Haiti looking so great. She will be so tickled!

Michelle said...

Oooooo. I love their hair. I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous! I need to find someone to do that for my girls. I was thinking of having something done for the Holidays. Fun for them.... easy for me, sounds like a plan! I think your three beautiful girls are just gorgeous with their new hairstyles!! Love it!!!

Tiffany said...

So adorable. I love it. But they DO look very grown up, which is kinda sad. That happens with my girl too, sometimes when I get her hair done. I like it for a time then am happy to get my "baby" back.

Good job mommy. And don't forget, it takes time! You don't have your brown mama and grandma to show you how.

Amanda said...

they are beautiful girls! Love the hair! You totally sound like ME when it comes to hair in general. My daughter wants a hair cut desperately right now and part of it is even though it's long, Mom just doesn't know what to DO with it. Sad.

I'm looking forward to having my boy home and starting easy. :~)

aunti Sarah said...

absolutely gorgeous!!

Molly W. said...

OH.MY.GOSH. Those are absolutely the cutest ever!! (girls, hair-dos, etc.)

Liz & Brian said...

Ooh I love it!

ames said...

oh Amy's too!?! wow! I LOVE it!!! You all look fabulous!