Monday, November 3, 2008


Thank you all for the warm condolences regarding my Grandfather's passing.
He really was a dear Grandpa and I will miss him sorely.
Grandma is doing well, considering.
Dad is doing well, considering.
Here is a picture of my wonderful dad and my precious grandma at the memorial service last Friday.

These times are hard. But through love and support and the peace of God, we can get through them.

Moving forward in bloggy world---

I read someplace a couple weeks ago (or was it a couple months ago?) where the blogger answered this question: What is it about a blog that keeps you going back for more?

For the life of me I can't remember who's post it was and since I can't even remember exactly when I read it, I am not going to go surfing through my blog list archives unless I plan on being on the Internet

So if it was you, and if you read my blog, consider yourself acknowledged.
Since it has been 7 days since I last posted, I don't want THIS post to be the sort of blog that if I were to read on your blog, would make me not want to come back for more. You know...boring.

In my attempt not to bore you, I was reminded of that question and asked it to myself.
What type of blogs do I visit regulary and why? What keeps me going back?
Well...since you asked...I go back to your blog if:

You make me laugh. It's amazing how someone I don't even know, who doesn't even know I'm reading her blog, can get me chuckling in only a few paragraphs in. I love laughing and I know it's going to be good when I've got a smile on my face just reading the title of the blog!

You are my 'real life' friend. It's enjoyable to see how my friends portray their home, their family, their faith, and discover a new side of them that shines through the written word.

You offer devotional encouragement. I don't consider my online time my devoted God time, but I savor the daily scripture sent to my email. I also value the insight that other Christian women offer through their own personal study and share online. Good meditation fodder.
You have adopted a child. I have several adoption blogs that I read to stay connected to the adoption community and rely on for resources, suggestions and a look into lives that, through children, have connected us in a way that only adoption can do.
You are related to me. Husband is a blogger, Dad is a blogger, Mom is a blogger, Twin sister is a blogger, Cousin is a blogger. Reading blogs written by family is entertaining. Except that you can't write anything you want to keep secret from family!
Wait...did I just say that?

You are a Homeschooler. I love getting ideas, gaining encouragement, and staying connected to other like-minded homeschool moms. I'm not the only wierdo, apparently. Phew.

You have a wonderful writing style and a beautiful way with words. I'm a sucker for good writing. Plain and simple.

Yes, this is an actual picture of my personal library.*

You leave me a comment. Like all bloggers, I love comments. If you leave me a comment, I promise to go read your blog. I won't necessarily keep you on my list of blogs to read all the time, because, well, let's face it: If we all did that, no one would do anything but read blogs all day every day. Which is dangerously close for some people as it is, so lets not add to the pot.

On the flip side, I don't tend to stick around if the blogger:

openly denies Christ or the posts are littered with curse words.

I don't go back to blogs that display long blocks of text with no separation during thought changes or offer zero pictures to rest my eyes.

I also tend to avoid blogs where the sole subject is how cute the kids are. I'm sure they are. My kids are the cutest kids in the world but I refrain from talking about ONLY THEM

See, 2 of these kids are MY kids, and 2 of them are my nieces and one of them is my nephew. The cutest kids ever. I know. And trust me, it's hard not to post about them on an hourly basis!

Those kid blogs, however, are great for immediate families. Especially if Grandma lives beyond convenient traveling. The beauty of the Internet...staying connected.

There I go again, talking about staying connected. That reminds me...I need to update my Facebook status. Staying connected. I need my 9th grade biology partner whom I haven't spoken to since the 9th grade to know what I am doing RIGHT NOW.

The wonderful ways of the WWW.

Now, I suppose a truly great blogger would have linked all the above blogs that I read. But I'm not convinced that I'm supposed to do that without first getting permission. Do you, fellow bloggers, feel it's appropriate to link other bloggers unbeknownst to them? Secondly, I'm kind of lazy right now. Thirdly, I wouldn't know exactly which blog to link since there may be more than one that fall into certain categories. Except the family one. You know who you are.

So there.

What kind of blogs do YOU read on a regular basis, and why?
What do you offer to your readers hoping that they'll check your site every morning?
And, what does my blog offer you that keeps you coming back to Absolutely Fabulous?

*Not Actual Picture


Kismet said...

I don't read blogs that are black. As in the color. Hurts my eyes.


Amanda P said...

What keeps me coming back?

You write like your twin. This is so fascinating to me, since I feel connected to her somehow I feel that with you.

I love your adoption stories, the authenticity that you write with.


A beautiful little family, I love the pics.

Molly W. said...

I read blogs of friends, family, photographers that inspire me, and bloggers that post pretty/inspiring things. I check lots...daily. I offer my readers some funny stories (I hope), some pretty pictures (I hope), and things that taste yummy (I hope), and things that I think are pretty to look at. :) I do my best! But I do try and stay true to who I am and keep it in the realm of me and my family most of the time and keep from things that are too random. I come back to your blog b/c you make me laugh, I love reading your stories of adoption/your new life, etc and how positive and encouraging you are about God's goodness regardless of how things are going in that particular moment. I heart blogs. :)

Life in Fitzville said...

Funny, I am just following you here from your comment on my own blog... glad I found yours now, I will keep reading! I love reading blogs about other "haitian/american" families!

(One of my sons insisted after our haitian son came home that we are all now half irish and half haitian... gotta love the way kids think!)

Shara said...

Hey there little missy....after reading your next to last paragraph I feel a teensy, weensy, bit of guilt for linking to you without your permission. I apologize!

I have to say that I LOVE Google Reader. I can easily stay up to date with blogs that I follow and then it gives me suggestions of other blogs that might interest me. If allowed, I could be guilty of spending way too much time in blog world; and Reader limits that time.

My reasons for reading a blog are very similar to yours. I stick with blogs that are transparent, uplifting, funny with topics that I can easily relate to....Moms, Wives, Ministry Wives, Church Planting, etc.

DotBlogger said...

Don't feel guilty Shara!
I love being linked. :)
Maybe everyone does?

SuperDave said...

1.Knock Knock,
interupting cow,

2.I will invite you to my birthday party.

3. Honor thy mother and father.


5.You are the Dot in my blogger! See #3.

6.We are studying continents.

7.Look how well this is written! It's plain AND simple.

8.This is a comment.

You are now required to visit my Blog .

Do it now!

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

I love reading your blog, mostly because you are one of my most favoritest people, I mean besides my adorable kids. Have you met my adorable kids? You can see them all over my blog! ;-)

I started reading blogs of people I love, but as the internet goes, I clicked, clicked and clicked and before I knew it - I loved the people of the blogs I read!

What can I offer... I go back and forth because I know I have some readers who like to see what is going on with our family, I also have people who like to read my thoughts (like unskilled psychics or something), and I like to express my opinion, I've never really understood what draws people to those things, but for some reason, readers continue to check on me, even when I am less than current on posting.

You, well, I just love you, I love your thoughts, you are so serious to "my so silly", I love seeing the story of your family, I love knowing what God has revealed to your heart - it inspires me, I love pictures of your beautiful girls.

nuff said

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

oh yea, and on the tagging other blogs, I figure, if they have made it a public blog, its kind of free game. I do try to be considerate of things shared, but its out there already....

I also for that reason write with an ounce of caution, as it is out there, free for anyone to read. I can make a private blog if I don't want it shared, or just journal in private.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Girl, it was ME who asked the question, then answered it on my blog. I got some great answers too!

Also, I usually like to ask if I link to someone's blog on mine, but I don't know if there's a bloggy etiquette out there or not. My guess is not!

By the way, I love reading your blog because you are funny and real and I love your adoption story.

Here's the links to my posts...

Youthful One said...

I can't offer much, but I'll answer your questions.

I read blogs of people I know and love and of people I don't know, but love, and of people I'd like to know and love. I read LOTS of recipe blogs. My favorite blogs are of those who share similar passions such as Jesus, homeschooling, parenting, the Bible, cooking, gardening, alternative/natural/holistic/nutritional health care, gluten-free cooking/baking, and nutrition in general.

I don't offer much to my readers, so I don't have much hope that they'll check my blog every morning. I don't blog often, and my blog is private. I started it more as a journal in which to write deep thoughts and spiritual musings and share such with a small group of trusted friends. I've gotten suckered into the blogosphere some and have succumbed to posting recipes and photos of my kids. But my desire remains rather melancholy to write more of the deep spiritual ponderings within and maybe get a little feedback from those close in heart to me.

Your blog offers me a glimpse into your beautiful world. Even though I know you, from the outside your world looks absolutely perfect. The glimpse into your world shows that you are better than perfect - it shows that you are human - that you laugh, cry, get angry, fail and make mistakes, yet you praise Jesus in all circumstances. This offers me beauty to behold and inspires me to be likewise. Besides the fact that your girls are so incredibly edible that I eat up each photo you post, I also enjoy your writing style. And I adore your father's comments as well. (He certainly lives up to his name, cape and tights.)

Anonymous said...

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