Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Photo Caption Request

What would you title this photo?

I just love that my husband is nearing an old-ish age and yet he looks so young.
What a handsome couple we are!
Yes, I say handsome because it's a better picture of Husband than it is of me.
That's not our house in the background.
We're both wearing a Broncos jacket, believe it or not. And no, the Broncos didn't win on Monday night football this week.
We were headed to the pumpkin patch when my dad captured this picture while he was sitting in his car.


Jenny Kay said...

I'd call it : "2 People Who are in the Way of a Real Estate Photo for a Brown House"

David Penn said...

Who's the hot chick next to that guy?

Kismet said...

Laffy Taffy


christa jean said...

Never to part

christa jean said...

Ever to fart

Molly W. said...

I don't have a cute caption idea but I think its cute! :)

SuperDave said...

If you move, I'll love.

Amanda P said...

You have been tagged...check out my blog.

No, that's not a title. ;)