Friday, October 17, 2008

For the love of French and my sister Celine

When I first started learning the French language in 8th grade, I instantly loved it and had a dream of going to Paris.

All through highschool I was a sucker for anything that had a picture of the Eiffel tower, anything that said ooh la-la and told everyone of my future life as a Parisian.
I was enamored with Celine Dion and first bought her French albums and listened to them non-stop. I memorized several songs in French and tried to impress my friends.

In college I took a couple courses to keep me going.

Then, in 2001, my husband took me to Paris!
It was a dream come true (literally!).

Though, I highly recommend not going to Paris or any other romantic country that you'd love to spend alllll day touring while you are 5 months pregnant. Not good.
My ankles swelled up so big I had to have a wheelchair at one point! And does anyone have any energy to walk around les rues while pregnant? All I wanted to to do was sit in my hotel or at the very least sit in a cafe somewhere and just people watch.

But I bucked up, said good bye to my ankles and saw all the things any good tourist was supposed to see. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumph, Notre dam, Mont Saint-Michel, the Mona Lisa, etc etc etc.

I loved France and we can't wait to take the girls there someday.

So anyway, since Celine Dion has the best set of pipes of anyone I know, yes ANYONE, and since she speaks French, and since she is drop dead gorgeous, I instantly fell in love with her, too. I fall in love quite easily, apparently.

Yea, I know. She's from Canada, not France. I know that's what you are all thinking. But her first tongue is French and that's kind of like being from my beloved country of France. Well it is in my head, anyway.

I have all of her albums. French and English.
In 2006 my husband and I went to Vegas to see her perform! I was inches away from her!

Here we are having dinner before hand.

It was incredible and the choreography was done by Mia Michaels and the whole show was out of this world amazing.

See, I told you...I was INCHES away from her!
Okay, well you know what? Actually, I was only about 50 feet away from her during the show because my husband managed to score us some radically close seats in Vegas. It was absolutely fabulous to see her and hear her sooooo close up and personal. We almost exchanged phone numbers right then and there.

And for Christmas 2007 I got tickets in my stocking to see Celine perform here in Portland for October 16, 2008.

Yeah, that was last night!

Here we are all dressed up in our purple clothes. aawwww so cute.

I wore these gorgeous shoes.
The show was amazing and the Rose Garden was the perfect place to have it. the stage was in the middle so every seat was a great seat.
The lights...the volume...the singer!
Ah. It was wonderful.
Thanks, hun, for the tickets.
Thanks, mom, for watching the kids.
Thanks, Celine, for picking me up this afternoon for a latte. You buy.


Kismet said...

Oh quelle fille chanceuse vous êtes ! J'aimerais voir Celine et
l'entendre chanter. Il serait beau si de façon ou d'autre vous la
rencontriez réellement !


Jenny Kay said...

Bueno, estoy totalmente celoso. No del concierto, no de los viajes para ver a su hermana-quiere-a-tener. No de la lengua (porque mi amor es el español y todas las cosas Latina, América Central, español y así sucesivamente). Estoy celoso de su traje! Me encantan los zapatos!

Okay, I'm totally jealous. Not of the concert, not of the trips to see your sister-want-to-have. Not of the language (because my love is Spanish and all things Latin, Central American, Spanish and so forth). I'm jealous of your outfit! I love those shoes!

Molly W. said...

Ahh, how sweet! I'm so glad you had such a great time! (and now I'm even MORE excited about my trip to Paris next month!) :)

SuperDave said...

Didn't I photo shop that pic? Wheres my 15 minutes of fame?. I'm bloggin' it! Fun for you! We,We. Grampy hard french.

Kelli said...

im jealous lol. I love the Shoes too!!! And i love Celine.

be blessed


The Everett Family said...

sacré bleu! I love your shoes!