Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Transformation

The Before:
My living room coffee table. Hydrangeas, purple candle.

The After:
Fall-y vase (with nothing in it). A wicker pumpkin, and two gorgeous candle sticks. This center piece actually kind of sucks. The season is early. I'll find something better for this table.

But take a look at these lovely candle sticks. DON'T look at the disgusting candles that I didn't 'hug' or take care of from last year. Those will quickly be replaced. I bought these candlesticks while shopping with Christa at Nordstrom Rack a few years ago. I pull them out about this time and leave them up all the way through Christmas. I love them.

The Before:
A shelf in the bathroom that usually holds cute little Ikea containers (one filled with sand the other of seashells) plus a photo of husband and wife.

The After:
Same little containers, now with a jack-o-lantern.
The Before:
An end-table with lamp and kinda dorky water feature that all my children love.
The After:
Added a homemade pine cone turkey craft that Amy made a couple years ago.
The Before:
A plain ol' mirror in the hallway next to the front door (for a quick looksie at my hair and lipgloss before leaving the house).

The After:
Another homemade turkey creation by Amy made from a hand-cut-out and feathers.

The Before:
Entry way wine wrack. Used also for keys/wallet/purse drop when we walk in the door. Complete with summer Easter Lilly's. I think that's what those flowers are, anyway.

The After:
Replaced mystery flowers with dried fall like cluster of...well...fall like stuff.

The Second After:
Added black cat and spider votive candle holders that I got from PartyLite when I was like 23 years old. Plus, a dish of glass candy corns.

The Before:
My black, blank stove top.

The After:
No longer blank now that it has this cute little orange pumpkiny votive holder.

The Before:
My long black table with Comfort and Joy sign.

The After:
Now with a fall-y, colorful table runner, a Happy Thanksgiving sign and pretty silk flowers. (While proofreading this, I actually should have gotten a close up of this. But now I'm lazy. Maybe you can click on it to get a closer look?)

It's fun to decorate for the different seasons. I suspect as I wander through the stores I'll want to update my decor with fresh new fall stuff. As my long legged ballerina friend said last Monday at Target: "Just make it!" But I'm not crafty. Nor motivated. Nor am I rich, so I won't be making anything OR buying anything. I will, however, be acquiring new hommade crafts as I have more children to make them!

Thanks, Brenna, for this lovely idea.

Anyone else up for exposing the insides of their homes for the world to see the Fall Transformation?


Mystery Observer said...

Wow, David looks a lot better in the after picture than in the one he's hugging Julie.

Amanda P said...

Really fun to see your space. Bet your new little ones are loving the fall changes too. Oh, fun to see that for the first time with them! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

The lilies in your blog are Calla Lilies. They are such a simple flower compared to Irises! Mom had some in her garden for awhile.


Blessed Mama of 4 said...

you guys are so cute! (mystery observer.... ;-S)

Love the jack-o-lantern use!

Jenny Kay said...

Cozy and nice!

angelagarretson said...

My favorite is Amy's turkey! Oh, and of course my couches. :) Good job julies. You are always on top of the seasonal sprinklings around your home. Love you. Angela

Brenna said...

Looking cozy!

Kismet said...

That looks great.

I thought you got that black cat and spider votive while thumbing through catalogues at your mom's with your sister and aunt one cozy, rainy, fall day?

Someone must be spreading vicious rumors.


Molly W. said...

Ohhh how I wish I could! Its times like these that make my long for my house filled with MY things. This is my favorite time of year and although I am thrilled to spend it in Ireland, I do miss these little details. Sigh...
(PS those are calla lillies, my favorite flower) :)

Molly W. said...

PS Ooops, I see that someone already told you about the flowers...maybe I should read all the comments first. :)

Cathy said...

Good job! and you did it with 3 kids...that's the most impressive:) Aren't our kids creations some of the best decor???

SuperDave said...

I love candy corn! HHmmm HHmmmm...Ditto of the pic of hubby in the bathroom!