Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The war is on, Dad.

I was 16 years old.
I had a boyfriend.

My dad left and I found myself alone for a couple of hours and my boyfriend called me over to hang out. Or did I call him? I can't remember. Doesn't matter. A-hem.

Seconds were precious and I didn't have time to bother with very many things other than:
Fix my hair and make sure I looked pretty.

As I was leaving, I remembered dad giving me vague instructions about something...Oh yes! The waterbed! Phew! Glad I remembered. Got back out of my car and didn't even need to go back in the house. I ran around to the backyard and turned off the hose. Then oh so quickly jumped back in my car and off to hang out with friends. One in particular.

I know how to turn off a hose the right, er, correct way, but when I had a BOY on my mind...well...everything else went out the window. But when I turned it off, it got real hoses do when they turn off!?

It's not my fault! I was young.

Okay, to see what prompted this cryptic post, visit my dad's side of the story here.


SuperDave said...

I didn't know about the boy...until just now!

Liz said...

doh! You got caught! You and your Dad are funny.

Sorry I've been such a non-blogger! I'm way behind on both the writing and reading. Probably will be for awhile.

The girls are precious!

christa jean said...

I'm not sure whose side of the story I like better now!
I think you might have left out the boy part in my version too.
This one's waaaay juicier!

Heather said...

Julie! I just read both sides of this story and am dying! I so love reading your blog- you have to come over and show me how to start blogging too! Fun times!