Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Summer Enumerated

Today is the first day of Autumn.

When it’s bright and sunny, cool and crisp and the leaves are turning, I think Oregon is an absolutely beautiful place to be in the fall.

It’s funny, I ran to the store today and the lady on the local Christian radio station said “Here are a few things to remember about God’s promises while you enjoy this first day of spring…” and she went on to read some scripture and there was lovely music in the background and it was all nice and syrupy; except that she flubbed up and said spring instead of fall! Ooops.

So, the girls will have been home for 12 weeks on Thursday.

Here are some of the things we have done this summer just since they got home, and almost every single one of these things was done with friends and/or family:

4th of July firework show
Church (every Sunday)
Wilson High School swimming pool (twice)
Swimming at Grammy and Grampy’s (twice)
Swimming at Sarah’s (twice)
Audubon society (twice)
Berry picking (twice)
Baked a cake
Zoo (twice)
Went to Gabby’s tea party
Went to Emily’s bowling party
Been through a car wash
Movie theater (Journey to the Center of the Earth)
State fair
Oaks park
Hagg Lake (twice)
Papa’s Pizza
Visited their brother (multiple times)
Went to the Oregon Coast
Been to the doctor (three times)
Had play dates at our house
Had play dates at friends house
Had friends over for dinner
Been to dinner at friends house
Went to Kids Club
Had Aunt and Uncle and Cousin Zoe over
Been to Target (um, lots)
Been to the Mall (twice)
Learned English
Walked to the park (many times)
Caught 3 fish while fishing with Grampy!!!

…and much much more… (well, I don't know if there is MUCH much more, but it felt like a cool way to end a list)

We’ve been busy! We’ve been social!
We’ve been connecting as a family and learning what it means to be an adoptive family.

I should post a picture to go with each thing because I really do have a picture to go with every single listed event. But I'm not going to.
Maybe my what-we-did-this-fall post will have pictures.

Did you have a fun filled summer?
Does a list have to be numbered to be considered an enumerated list?
Did you find yourself doing many of the same things we did this summer? Seems like more and more people stayed close to home to save on gas this year.

Happy Birthday, Amber! Happy Fall.


Kismet said...

First of Autumn already? Where did the Summer go?

Sounds like you packed a full schedule into a few short weeks.

Here's to longer nights.


Jenny Kay said...

Let's add "Go visit Aunt Jenny" to the list. We can't wait to share experiences with you 5.


SuperDave said...

Why isn't "catch a fish" on the list? Why are you dissin' my contrbution?

DotBlogger said...

Sorry, dad. Just now added it to the list. How could I forget THAT!?

Anonymous said...

Hi! You are absolutely so incredibly sweet! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog AND purchasing those cards from me! You totally made my day today...what a nice surprise to wake up to! I think you will get them faster if I bring them to church on Sunday... otherwise if I mailed them it might not be until Monday. I will refund you the shipping cost when I give you the cards, does that sounds okay? Thanks again! Your children are absolutely precious. The pictures on here are so beautiful.

The Corrigan Four said...

hi Julie! i am so excited to hang with you at Westport Moms. i love your blog! your family is to die for :)

Alicia said...

I have not been by for a while. I'm glad to hear things are going well for you and your girls. Oh, the joy on thier faces in the pictures on the right!
I am so glad you guys are bonding as a family!