Friday, September 19, 2008

My Halo is SO Shiny

Last night we had a social night at our Community Group (most of you probably speak churchese so you know that this is our church's way of saying Small Group or Bible Study).

We played Two Truths and a Lie to get to know each other a little better as we spend the next 36 weeks in community.

You know the game. We each write down two true things about ourselves and one lie. Then we read them aloud and everyone tries to guess the one false thing.

Here are my three:
1. I have never been outside the Pacific NW
2. I have run a marathon
3. I am a cancer survivor

Now, the only people who might have even the eentsiest bit of a hard time guessing the lie are the kids who played, and the people whom I met that night for the very first time. And there were indeed a small hand full of 1st timers.

However, I was sitting there with my Haitian child on my lap! And if anyone reads my blog or has one conversation with me is usually quick to find out that I did GO TO HAITI to get my children. 11 weeks ago.

I told everyone that the reason I couldn't think of a good lie is because I am just not USED to lying and it's so against my inner moral compass that I'm just no good at it. Sigh. It's rough being this holy.

Though, very appropriately, I was outdone by the pastor's wife who actually wrote down three full truths. She's apparently holier than me because she couldn't lie at all. Isn't that right, Colonel Sanders?

I really like that game as a Get-To-Know-You. I've been playing it since Jr. High and yet, I don't get bored of it.

Do you like it? Do you have an awesome lie that you always use and stumps people?
I was in the top 100 American Idol contestants. I should have used that!


Kismet said...

I was a Solid Gold dancer!


christa jean said...

Were you really, K?!

Tee hee, I love that game as well ~ you get to wow people with your outlandish past ~ but I never can guess other people's lies.
Too gullible, I suppose.

I was an advanced roller skater.

Anonymous said...

I broke 7 ribs in a motorcycle accident.

I was in Korea while in the Air Force.

I am tall.


David Penn said...

That would have been awesome because everyone would have believed it. Next time.
BTW, you're hot!

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

I love that game! My favorite lie is that that I was a finalist in the Junior Miss NY State pageant... I've been absolutely shocked by how many people could have bought that one! another..

Favorite sandwiches -
1)Grilled Cheese with Strawberry jam
2)PB, Mayo and Bacon Bits
3)PB, Green olives and letuce

(scary truth - the one that isn't true for me is true for a close family member!!)
(and no, these are not pregnancy foods)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Such a fun game.

My lie? I love chocolate. Honestly, can't stand the stuff! And yes, I know that makes me weird, but sadly, it hasn't made me skinny. :(

Molly W. said...

1) I have never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
2) I used to be mormon but converted shortly after high school
3) I was attacked by a dog

The lie is the mormon one, I dated a mormon for a long time in high school and have many mormon friends so people typically don't realize that is the lie, works every time! :)