Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Totally Wii, Oui

A long time ago, back before the girls got here, we kept our eye on the Wii system.

Now, if you know me, you know that I am not a video game person. Well maybe you didn't know that about me. But now you do: I do not play video games.

Even when we were teenagers and Super Mario Brothers came out and Tetris...I watched my twin sister play these games on our Nintendo and would seriously have more fun watching her play than playing them myself.

I'm not even very good at electronic games nor do I find them enjoyable. I get totally bored (did I really say totally? As in like, totally man?).

The games now-a-days seem scary and complex. But then again, they also seem as if one just sits at a desk using arrow keys to blow up bad guys. Hm. fun.

I'd much rather be blogging. A-hem.

But have you heard of The X-Bus? This guy I know converted the inside of a real live city bus into a gaming bus. The inside seats 16 teenage boys equipped with their own screen, chair, remote control and whatever else one needs to play Halo or whatever and a vending machine. All inside an air conditioned bus. That's right, you rent it for your birthday party or youth group and he can DRIVE IT TO YOUR HOUSE. Because it's a bus! How cool is that!? If you like that sort of thing. Which apprently a lot of people do.

Here is a pic of it on the inside. He and his wife go to my church and it seems to be a big hit. They're like syncing up with the city and stuff. Good luck, John!

Back to me and my non-computer gaming lifestyle.

So when my cute husband suggested getting a Wii, I said Wha?
Blink. Blink.
For who?
For what?
He started telling me all the cool things about it. The remote, the bowling, the tennis, easy to use.
~Hm. Okay.
He reminded me that there are totally safe, G-rated, athleticy type games.
~Yeah, yeah, that's good.
He also reminded me that it could really be an opportunity for the girls to play something that didn't require everyone speaking the same language.
~Okay, keep talking.

Plus, he could play with the girls as a bonding event. You know, dad and his daughters.
~Speakin' my language, bonding=good.

It might give me a break during the day while they're occupied on the Wii.

So with his ever-watchful-techy-eye he bought one for a good price.
We locked it up and didn't mention it to Amy.

Now the girls are here so using our anniversary last week as an excuse to bring out a gift, we unveiled The Wii.

Do you hear angels singing?
Me either. But it seemed like an angelic moment.

You know what? It's really fun! We have two remotes so two people can play with or against each other, we've created Mii's for everyone, the girls can figure out how to 'make it go' without any help from me (who are these kids now-a-days that they can do such computery stuff at such a young age!?) and, the best part, I'm gonna beat my husband in a tennis match. Yeah, that's right, hun. You're going down.

Now when I ask the girls if they want to play the Wii, they all (yes all) reply in French (or Creole to be exact) Oui!

"Oui Wii"

And they have a blast. Baseball is universally fun and it's adorable to watch Amy and Yolanta swing away at 'the ball'.

I've evolved
or progressed
or caved.

Baseball outside is, of course, better. And we do that, too. We really do! But sometimes, inside is where the fun is gonna be. And having the Wii helps bring on the fun.

I'm totally glad we got one. Yeah, I said it again. Totally.


David Penn said...

I guess Pigs should be flying any time now. Julie beat me at Tennis, even on a Wii? Can you say "Pigs in Space?"

Sarah Penn said...

Rock on Julie!!! I am so proud of you! Can we bowl next time we come over??? I might actually get a score over 100. LOL!

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

ooh ooh ooh!!! Sweet!!

We'll have to bring our remotes over and do some cool 4 player action!

I'm totally opposed to the idea of hitting and fighting, but we do box sometimes.. have you tried it? It's hilarious! It's like Veggie Tales with Boxing gloves (you can't see the arms move, just the gloves)

Kismet said...

I am a CHAMPION Wii bowler....truly!
I am glad you got one and will keep my eyes open for another 'merote' (as Natalie says) for you. There are tons of E rated games that are great fun. And a few educational ones (Dora the Explorer).

Party on, Garth.


TheWinnFamily said...

WHO HOO!! SO cool, your kids are officially the cool kids w/ a Wii, everyone will be sooo jealous! :) Have so much fun w/ it!

Anonymous said...

Wow. A Wii, huh? We're thining of getting the girls one for Christmas.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

We love our Wii.

I try to only buy games that the whole fam can play, and right now, Wii Play is my fave! I have my eye on Wii Fit too, but my heart rate is always up after playing Tennis!

Glad your family is enjoying it!