Friday, August 15, 2008

Long Overdue Update and 18 Pictures

What? You guys want pictures of the kids? You want to know how it's going?

I know, I know, I've been a little delinquent when it comes to keeping you in-the-know about the transition period. It's been 43 days since the girls have been home and it's been a roller coaster ride of life. It really has. Some days are fun and happy and easy while others have been aggravating and sad and hard.

But I guess that's what it was like when I brought home a newborn, right? Some days she was an angel and cooed all day while other days she only cried and nursed and never slept. Roller coaster days.

English is coming along! Yolanta is a smartie girl and can understand just about everything we say. If she knows the English word, she says it. I'm very proud of her.
Katie is cute and tries her best to parrot our words. She's getting the hang of things but still prefers Creole.
Amy is learning Creole from these girls!

Yolanta: Here you go, Amy. (In perfect English)
Amy: Meci. (Thank you)
Yolanta: Amy, slide? outside? hot!
Amy: Oui. Moi restay ici. (Yes. Me stay right here)
Katie: Nice Kitty.

Routine is setting in and the girls can know what to expect from most days. Throw in a few appointments, play dates and errands, and we've got ourselves a regular week.

Schooling is going well. Still assessing their education level, trying out different types of learning styles to see how they each respond, experimenting with different levels... learning English and having fun has been our favorite schooling so far. Of course.

Boundaries and expectations are being set and, thankfully, really sinking in. Kids are kids no matter where they come from and even though they're all different, they're the same.I have a whole post in my head about boundaries and expectations to further explain my paradoxical statement about Different/Same but that's for another day.

Here are some long awaited pictures.
I love my girls.
Enjoy the pictures!

At the zoo with Cool Cuzin Mason. The girls loved the animals.
Striking a pose at the zoo concert. My saran-wrap baby (always clinging). Love it.
Sisters, cheek to cheek. Amy still doesn't have any teeth!
Sitting in a Haitian squat, making mud-pies. Sadly, mud-pies are also a Haitian meal. My girls did not eat dirt this day. But they all three got great SBO's! (Soil Based Organisms)
Katie's cute beaded hair after my friend Cheri spent the day with us.

Just look at this face! So cute.

All the girls with Crazy Cuzin Zoe. Much fun was had that day!

My BFF Angela after having spent three hours, literally, making Zulu Knots on Katie's head.
Close up of Zulu knots.
Here is pretty pretty pretty Yolanta after having her hair curled by Tiffany. Are you catching a drift here that other people do my girls' hair? Yeah. I'm still having issues. Homeschooling on the floor.

Amy jumping off the diving board in the pool in my backyard. I think I can hear her singing "Flying, Soaring" from High School Musical in this picture.

Yolanta LOVES the water. Her favorite thing is to get her head completely dunked.
Husband impressing the kids with his flip off the board!
Katie also loves the water but didn't venture too far off the steps unless she was attached to someone. I didn't mind.
Bathing Beauty. Yolanta dared the diving board but it scared her a smidgen and she spent the next 20 minutes in the saftey of the warm towel.
Husband teaching Amy how to dive. It turns out better than it looks like it's going to in this shot.

I like this shot because husband is wearing his Haiti T-shirt.
Okay, so the pool is not really in my backyard but I wish it was.

Have a great day wherever you are. Leave me a comment about how cute my girls are. :)


Kismet said...

your girls are BEATUTIFUL!!!

I love that hair that Cheri did!!

Ok, so who's pool is it?


Anonymous said...

I love them.
A. Jenny

MarkandJess said...

Beautiful children! I'm so happy for you guys. I can only imagine the joy and relief it must be to finally have your daughters from Haiti in your arms after all this time! It's so great to see an update from you about the girls' and transition. You've been in my thoughts and prayers! I'm not surprised it has been the roller coaster you said it has been and I'm not at all surprised that you haven't had the time/energy? to keep your blog updated consistently. Keep lovin' on those girls in Jesus' name and don't worry if you can't write all the time.

TheWinnFamily said...

BEAUTIFUL GIRLS! W.O.W. stunning, love all the pics! Wish I could snap some too!

dkuroiwa said...

"saran wrap baby"....I love that!!

The girls look so incredibly happy...the sparkle in their eyes is just wonderful!!
Looks like everyone has enjoyed the summer....may the good times and fun learning continue!!!