Sunday, August 10, 2008

Julie Needs

I'm copying this idea from several Bloggers as of late.

Google your first name and the word 'needs' and give us the top ten things that come up.

Speaking of google, aren't you enjoying the little pictures that are being added to the home page during the Olympics? So creative!

Oh, and I went to and typed in Julie to see what kind of images popped up for my name and here is the first picture I got. Maybe I'm to be in politics and move to DC some day! Or a firework setter-offer.

Every picture was of the 4th of July. Either attempts to auto-correct my need for a picture of Julie for a picture of July, or maybe we've been pronouncing it wrong all this time and it's really The 4th of Julie!

Well, here is my Julie Needs list:

  1. Julie needs to go with cotton styles with a bit of structure rather than anything too flimsy like chiffon... Really? The first one is about underwear!?

  2. Julie needs an early start... Wow, yes, I've been convicted to get up earlier in the morning to devote my early mornings to God.

  3. Julie needs your help! So maybe call me in the morning to get me out of bed.

  4. Julie needs coffee. is my middle name. I actually need to GIVE UP coffee!

  5. Julie needs Julie needs... apparently I'm not the only Blogger named Julie making this google list!

  6. Julie needs a good home and she needs it ASAP. Nope. I love my house and the home is the heart inside it. It is new. And I love it.

  7. Julie needs to work on her parenting. Lord knows raising three kids leaves me in need of working on my parenting!

I'm stopping here because the google list is getting funky and they're just facebook and classmate type links that don't really make sense for this post.

Kind of fun. And it's a quick post for a new day. What does google say YOU need?


Youthful One said...


Google says I need the same exact things YOU do!

I blogged it nearly identically just the other day. Of course my comments are quite different... I did mention you on my post. ;-)

(Did I entice you enough to go read it yet?)

Genny said...

Loved this. My middle name is coffee too, and I think all of us parents could use help with parenting. It's a daily adventure, isn't it? :)

TheWinnFamily said...

VERY interesting huh? I heart blogging and blog stalking, so many interesting things out there! :)