Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 4, 1971

I love this man soooo much!

Happy birthday, Honey.

Yesterday was his day, but since it was a Monday, and my husband is the hardest working man I know, he had a full and busy day at work. But he was highly rewarded with dinner at his favorite restaurant, PF Changs. I think he and Amy were born on the wrong continent. They each could eat Chinese food or Mongolian food every day. I like tacos, myself.

He has been so extremely and very diligently part of the transition period for the girls. He has not taken a back seat on parenting or cleaning or cooking or playing games or anything. Even though he has his hands full at work, he does not let the family suffer. I'm the luckiest woman alive to be married to him and the girls are the luckiest children alive to have him as their father.

Or maybe it's God.

Yeah, it's probably God.

Happy Happy Birthday, my man. Thanks for being awesome.

Thanks for joining us, Mom and Mason. And thanks for dinner.


christa jean said...

YAY Hooray!!!
So glad he made it to 29!

Happy Birthday from your old friends,
C & C Music Factory

Anonymous said...

"HAPPY BELATED DAY OF BIRTH DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

DANGIT! I suck at remembering birthdays. Happy belated David!

Anonymous said...

:) I'll take the leftovers!