Thursday, August 7, 2008

Anniversary Pictures (most of them, anyway)

Years 1-5 were pre digital camera and pre home website and well...there's a scanner here on my left and big ol mess of photos on my right. I don't have much to show for years 1-5 on this post but trust me, we were married, young, without kids and it was a whole different life back then.

Here are the past NINE years of anniversary photos.
I still get giddy thinking about my husband.

Year 6
Columbia River Gorge Hotel
Hood River, Oregon

Year 7 (I was pregnant!)
Beaverton, Oregon

Year 8
McCormick & Schmicks
Portland, Oregon

Year 9
Some cute little restaurant
Seattle, Washington

Year 10 (I got custom made diamond earrings and a diamond necklace!)
Ruth Chris Steakhouse
Portland, Oregon

Year 11
Airplane food
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Year 12 (we saw Celine Dion in concert!)
Las Vegas, Nevada

Year 13
Beaverton, Oregon

Year 14 (Just after a family swim at Wilson High pool)
Portland, OR

Tonight was the first time we celebrated our anniversary with a kid. Let alone THREE kids! Ahhh it's a whole new life with these girls. I couldn't imagine being in this world without every single one of the people listed in the photo from Year 14.
Smooches all around.


Blessed Mama of 4 said...

To quote Renee Z from Jerry Maguire...

"you complete me"

I love your family.

Happy anniversary.

Youthful One said...


You both look so tired on year 11.

What a thoroughly delightFUL picture from year 14.

Isn't 7 the year of completeness?
(And Amy showed up that year...)
Then at 14 you must be doubly complete.
(Or triply, as the case appears to be.)

What a lovely collage.
May there be many, many more years of sweet unity.

Jenny Kay said...

All but year 12 (and 14 which is outside) have a window in the photo. :)

Happy anniversary!


dkuroiwa said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures!! But seriously...what is your secret for NOT changing in 14 years?!?! You and your hub. look pretty much the same in all pictures....probably the secret is total happiness with the person you chose to spend your life with. Now THAT is something I wish everyone could experience!
Happy Anniversary!!

TheWinnFamily said...

LOVE the photo montage (sp?), so cute!!! Happy Anniversary!